Does McDonalds Drug Test?

Discussion in 'General' started by BongTechnician, May 13, 2009.

  1. I checked out and they list McDonalds in KY, OH, WA, NM, AR that do drug test. I have had zero luck finding any jobs and I know they are hiring near me in PA so just wondering if anyone knew first hand.

    I can't imagine that they do or else they wouldn't have a workforce, but still in 5 states according to testclear they do urine test.
  2. Here in michigan they don't test. They didn't test when I lived in florida either. I don't work there, but i know a lot of people that do.. n they all do mad pills n blaze..

    Speaking of a job drug test i gotta go take one in bout 2 1/2 hours... gotta use someone elses piss tho.
  3. Thanks for the quick response AFD. I gotta say it is not my proudest moment to apply and work there, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

    Good luck with your test!
  4. MCD's doesnt drug test in arkansas..

    they wouldnt have a single employee then
  5. i feel your pain on that, im probably going to have to apply to mcdonalds myself, its depressing
  6. They don't test out here in florida, my friend works there. I could never work there, would kill my diet and work-out plan.
  7. no drug testing here in vt..if it wasnt listed i doubt they do....
  8. If they did, then the entire population of MickeyD works would change drastically.
  9. yea i thought smoking weed was a requirement to work at mcdonalds...
  10. It is. Along with not washing your hands.
  11. if micky d's drug tested then no one would get hired mayn
  12. Not just Mickey D's, the whole food service industry is perma-stoned...

    Can't see why the fuck they'd fire they're whole work force...

  13. Pffftt... APPLY!?!

    Dude, you can't even find a job for Micky D's around here. Last time I applied, there were 60 applicants for one position.
  14. naw, i used to eat there all the time and never been tested.
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    Nah dude, I don't think they would. The turnover rate for a place like mcdonalds is high as fuck, and a drug test costs north of $100. That would be a huge waste of money since the average employee only stays for a couple weeks. If you're young and able bodied I would suggest applying at UPS or Fedex. UPS's employee drug policy is don't come to work stoned and we don't care. (That's on paper.) Not sure about Fedex, though, but most warehouses couldn't care less.

    PS. I know the economy is bad but I wouldn't want to work for anyone that wants me to pee in a cup. That's invasion of privacy.
  16. here in florida most fast foods don't dew to the fact the RGM'S are pot heads...
  17. No they dont test, i work in one [[sadly]]
    i even go to work high, great for munchies!!!!
  18. Not so great for the waistline!

  19. The best stuff to use is Quick Fix. Full synthetic urine.

  20. if your a real man(jk) and have a good ab routine ten its just fine :p. my ab routine consists of 5-6 different exercises each for 45 seconds, lasting a total of 3:45mins or 4:30 and i do 2-4 reps. i love my mcds but i love a wopper more.

    if you have a good workout routine you an eat some foods not considered healthy by normal people, by i still get in my vitamins, supplements.

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