does marijuana make you better at sports?

Discussion in 'General' started by fruitality, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. seattle and denver in superbowl

  2. Yes

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  3. [quote name="STilladelph" post="19372459" timestamp="1390191221"]Ask Phelps[/quote]this.A
  4. no it doesnt make them better. but, incredible athletes are still incredible while smoking
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     even more evidence
    fastest sprinters are jamaicans??!?!? 
  6. Yes, and it helps you run the country
  7. Yeah. I fight MMA and smoking before I roll helps alot. Can work positions and transitions alot smoother without overthinking it.
  8. I get baked before snowboarding and longboarding. I gotta be more focused. Don't wanna eat shit. But the first time I blazed was with my bro and that is the best basketball I've ever played. Raining 3's haha and I drained a shit ton of full courts. Some lady that came out of the school that the courts were at even said that we were doin amazing on the way to her car haha.
  9. Honestly whenever I smoke I do whatever I'm doing more focused and that sometimes in a sense can make me better at it. I don't have this get lazy thing with weed so whenever I am high I can do whatever it is that I'm doing just more focused.
  10. if your experienced @ your sport then yeah its gonna make you rely on the training you have received, almost like being on auto pilot. 
    If your new and you smoke your gonna be horrible though. 
  11. Ask JR Smith (6th man of the year last year who was suspended at the beginning of the year for testing positive)
    MIchael Phelps
    Carmelo Anthony
    Rasheed Wallace
    Ricky Williams
  12. When I first started snowboarding I was really nervous and tense. Smoked a jay loosened me up and I just did it without really getting scared of falling cause if you know anything about boarding you fall alot on your first time. As for basketball and other finess sports I can do moves smoother but I get tired a lot easier so I usually dont.

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