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Does Kief have a smell?

Discussion in 'General' started by CasualSmoker024, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I bought some kief from a friend of a friend, and I'm realizing now that it doesn't smell like anything, I haven't tried it yet, but I'm wondering, did I get hustled? It has a scent, but it's NOTHING like weed. Is this normal?
  2. does pussy have a smell? only if not showered
  3. Kief smells like weed.
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    Kief smells a bit like the bud it came from.

    I have a little over a g in my grinder from many different kind of bud, it smells a bit citrusy.
  5. 3eae255a11af04358489f2102fa72a6a.png Here's a picture of it. It's actually a bit squishy, it's weird. I think I got hustled, wouldn't be surprise if it were dirt. Does that look like Kief?
  6. That literally looks like shit.
  7. Looks like pressed hash rather than just kief... which can change it's smell a bit but hash still smells a bit like weed

  8. I know, it doesn't seem to have any weed like qualities. I wouldn't expect this guy to hustle me, but I wouldn't be super surprised either. Did I get played?
  9. OP got sold resin.

    Either that or some really dark gross hash that doesn't smell.

    I'm going with resin.
  10. Yea resin or plant material filled hash haha
  11. Yeah man I wouldnt smoke that. Lesson learned I guess, everyone gets ripped off at least once.

  12. Wouldn't even try it? I figure I'll at least give it a shot and see how it goes this weekend. Would it be unsafe to try?
  13. Honestly its difficult to tell from that pic exactly what it is, but personally i would just count it as a loss.

    How much did you pay?
  14. would it be unsafe... well hell it might be uranium for all we know.. it def aint kief

  15. 90$. I live in Norway so the prices are more expensive here. I would usually pay the same for an eighth of straight weed. My friend is good friends with the guy who sold it to me, so I'll offer to smoke some of it with my friend and see how it goes. He's not a close friend at all so he could have ripped me off, if he turns down smoking it, I'll count it as a loss and stop talking to the guy.
  16. I was actually prepared to drop 3x as much money on this, but figured it would be best to try it out first. Lucky I did. I'm gonna ask the dude if he hustled me or not, just so I know if I can smoke this shit or not, I'll tell him that I don't expect my money back, and just want to know if this is at least safe. If I ask him like that, do you think I could get an honest answer?
  17. 3x the amount of money? 270 bucks?

    Id get almost 3 ounces for that price man

  18. I wish I could tell you with certainty what it is. I don't know, if thats how you go about asking that
  19. Personally I would never buy kief it just seems like a waste of money to me, If I were you I'd buy a decent grinder with a kief catcher and grind your own bud then you will accumulate kief over time
  20. I think you should try a little piece now. I mean you wont know till you try it. Doesnt look like anything i've ever tried though

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