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does it work?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 1701123, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. well i have a drug test coming up and i heard that you can smoke all you want but a 4-6 hours before the test chug lots of water and youll pass im not talking about drinking water like all month long i mean just before the test
  2. You missed Apprentice Tokers.
  3. ohh shit my bad can someone move it or do i
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    Lol at this thread :D
  5. This is just plain dumb. Yes you can dilute your piss by drinking lots of water, but why even take that risk. If you know you are getting drug tested, lay off for a while and then when you pass, go back to toking.

  6. This.........................

    BTW...732 here
  7. just lol...:)
  8. ahah i wouldn't recommend doing that :p
  9. ya you would fail. The thc would be in your blood stream, and it works its way into your bladder quickly, since its all through your system. And the water wouldnt help.
  10. you can pass, but its taxing. i hav epassed 3 tests this way. the afternoon before, go and get a 5 gal jus o water, now, you wont be sleeping tonight, then begin to drink and drink and drink, finish all 5 gals, pace it so you finish it just before you go. now, you will be pissing like every 10 minutes or so, but thayts the price we pay. rem, to take your b series vits before you start drinking and then again an hour or 2 before the test. unless you are a heavy smoker the thc metabolites will be below detection, since in reality your system is pumping out the execss water as fast as it can.
  11. I have used certa before it is used in canning you can find it in that department at your grocery store. it acts like a powerful diuretic I put a pac in a gallon of water and start drinking. I do it all night you start pissing every 5 or 10 minutes. you better have someone you know well drive you to your piss test because you will be pissing in a jug all the way there. I have been a toker for 20 years and have worked in an industry that tested a lot I have never failed a test. :smoking:

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