Does it mean anything that Big News is mentioning legalization as a solution?

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    In Mexico that is... but maybe that implies here in the US of A first?
  2. It's picking up everywhere thanks to our constant relentless efforts that start from the grassroots level. Any site where cannabis consumers have the power to vote up or create topics regarding cannabis legalization, it's at or near the top.

    Digg,, Google News, look everywhere - any topic that even mentions cannabis legalization or use is getting comment after comment, moreso than any other hot button topic right now.

    The blogosphere and the internet controls everything in this day and age. This is how movements start. More people use the internet than watch television, so as this topic gains even more momentum on the information super-highway, it will undoubtably gain political and social approval which will end in the eventual legalization and regulation of cannabis.

    We have the power, and no one will stand in our way.

  3. I think you quite possibly could be correct. :)
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    This has been the biggest damper on marijuana legalization to date. The states in a desperate attempt to use the power bestowed on them, looked past the federal laws. Take it as it be, even if the states have the right to do this by the 10th Amendment, the federal government still had the right to ban the sale of marijuana.

    Leave it as it may be, this causes a riff between federal government and state, and now that Obama is president, what will he do.

    He has said decriminalization is something we should look at, then retracted that.

    Will he either go with the states rights, or will he go with the federal government.

    The way he does his business, the wise man will show you it will be with federal government.

    Marijuana will never be legalized in our present day system.

    The Democrats will side with the DEA and the Republicans will side with family values.

    While I would love to be optimistic about this, I believe we are fucked.
  5. It's hard to be optimistic about things when we're seeing what we're seeing in Mexico, and we're living what we've lived here. But I say a little optimism can't hurt.

    A cynic is not merely one who reads bitter lessons from the past, he is one who is prematurely disappointed in the future.
    - Sidney J. Harris

    Who knows... it might be weed or this system. :) Never say never.

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