Does it look like these plants are healthy?

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by GeraldsFinest, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Hi guess now grower here,
    Can someone give me an honest opinion of my plants. Do they look green enough. I feel like they could be much darker and praying a little more. I’ve o my had them for 13 days and when I got them they were only like 5” tall with three sets of leaves. Do they look saggy? I did transplant them 5 days ago and topped and trained them. Any recommendations. I’ve been experimenting with watering every day/every other/every third
  2. Need more info
  3. What’s your lighting?
  4. They actually look pretty good. At first I was like why tf are they leaning so bad? Then I realized you were training lol. Good looking crop though
  5. I have 4 315w cmh 4200k I believe. Only have two on right now because it’s crazy hot in CT for a few days and my AC just won’t keep up with these outside temps.
  6. I just see a lot of other peoples stuff looking super dark green and almost jagged and sharp looking like if you touched it, it would cut you. Maybe it’s strain related on how green they get. I do have a few stardawg cuts that are really dark green but the rest of my plants are “Papaya” and I guess a lighter color green
  7. Some are strain related. Some actually have too much nitrogen. But yours look healthy honestly. As long as they aren’t pale green or clawing at the tips, you’re good
  8. No pale green yet thankfully. Did have some clawing about 10 days ago because I sprayed with a organic preventative with the lights on and it took them a few days to come around. I just need to get this watering thing down. I can’t even tell you how many threads I’ve read about watering everyday even if pots are still heavy vs waiting till they are a little lighter.
  9. From what I gather it’s about 50/50
  10. I too switched to coco and had to get use to when to water etc. what I personally found to work best for me is to water every other day until I see roots at the bottom of my pot. Then fro
    That day forward watering everyday. With nutes of course. Never only water.
  11. There’s a lot of factors like strains, heat, humidity, soil or coco, etc. but mainly preference. I’m new just like you but I have a few gorws under my belt but experimenting is the best thing we can do.
  12. That’s good to know because I just saw a few super white roots starting to poke out the bottom. I just planted them into these containers like 5 days ago from little 4x4 pots. Coco is awesome!

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