does it have to be pitch black during 18/6?

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  1. cus in my room, my other lights will be on during the dark period for the 18/6. well sometimes. i dont have it on a timer since its on for so long. i kinda dont take the 18/6 that seriously, just giving lots of light and turning it off when im asleep. does that sound good or nah?
  2. that is fine, you can run light all the time if you want. Only during 12/12 is absolute darkness required.
  3. Nah.

    Take it seriously if you want a good harvest (and you do, or why else would you grow?)

    Dark means dark. Get whatever timers you need and light-seal the grow spaces from each other.

  4. You shouldnt give information on a question if you dont know the answers.

    People come to this forum to get information to help with their grows. Your bad information could have caused this persons plants to hermie if they were fem'd seeds. I'm not trying to be a dick. But if you dont know for sure. Dont answer.
  5. It's about to get verrrry quiet around here... :hide:

  6. lol.. Like i said man, I really am not trying to be rude. But people depend on the information given here. what if it was a different question? One involving your plants and the information given caused your plants to die because you followed bad information. Its not something to take lightly. I know that if it was me, I would want the right stuff. period.
  7. Dark means dark, and 18/6 means 18/6. You need to use timers bro and light seal your room just like toasty, and Hydro have said. I am sure that you don't go to bed at the exact same time every night. So your plants get a little more light one night and a little less the next, and so on , and so on. This will totally confuse your plants and is prime territory for hermies, and if you have paid good money for good seed then you don't want to go down this road.
  8. Yeah i agree 100%

    i'm a nub, and basically bad information would cause one of my babies to die... Thats not the business =/
    now im gonna make sure i have at least the same 3 - 4 replys before i do something, just incase lol

  9. I wasn't calling you rude at all, I agree with you completely.
  10. Good idea :) You will learn whos advice to trust on here. There are many excellent growers here who don't mind helping :)

  11. Oh i know you werent, I just wanted to reiterate so it was clear. I come off rude sometimes. But its only because I am passionate about growing. Its my favorite thing to do and it provides material for one of my other favorite things to do:smoking:. When people come on and blurt out whatever comes to mind not thinking of the outcome. It gets me a little. Thats almost as bad as expecting to get some dank ass bud from something they put nothing into.
  12. from my experiences, total darkness isnt needed for vegging but is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY during 12/12. im not gonna say dont try to keep it as dark as you can during 18/6 or whatever veg cycle youre using, because obviously, the darker you can keep it the better off youll probably be.

    feminized and regular seeds have never given any problems. only hermies ive ever seen came from bagseed which are a waste of time anyway.

    plants in veg seam to deal with stresses ALOT better then plants in flowering. thats my perspective, and i hope some of you know-it-all jackasses totally disagree.

  13. timers are bucks dude. get one.
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    You contradicted yourself in the same paragraph, But ok.

    Feminized seeds are the most likely to hermie. I know that regular seeds can hermie but it is really unlikely. Only cases i have seen personally were from feminized seeds.

    Only thing i agree with is Plants in veg to deal with stress better. photosynthesis period is always important.
  15. I've used a whole crap load of different times 24/7... 20/4.... 18/6... interupted dark periods for vegging plants frequently... all on the same plant in the same grow.

    I will say one thing i noticed different than when run on a timer and left in complete dark during dark period, and done properly...

    it takes longer to grow if you screw with dark periods and changing times all the time.

    your plant will give you consistent growth with a consistent schedule.

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