Does it have purp genetics?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by CannabisCowboy, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. I recently started a few seeds and they are looking great. On the bottom side of one of the plants leaves it is VERY purple. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this and what does it mean. I know I have read about this before but can't remember what it means. Is it a nutrient deficiency or is it a sign of genetics?
  2. I doubt it...

    You need to post pics and more information

    what type of medium
    what week are you in
    what is your ph
    what is your light source
    what type of strain
  3. Week 3, Jiffy seed starter mix, 2 x 150 w compact fluoro, strain unknown(dubbed "JIM" by my buddy and I) Will post pics soon.
  4. That happens to plants in veg stage almost always. Its not a purple strain.
  5. Most plants will(Purple up) if they are exposed to cold tempratures It is from what i have read a defence mecanizim Some people put ice on the roots of there plant to get it to purple in the last 2 days before harvest..

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