Does InferiorWang...

Discussion in 'General' started by punkyworld, May 26, 2003.


Make nonesense....

  1. Yes!

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  2. No!

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  3. I dunno! I can't really tell...

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  4. Who is InferiorWang?

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  1. Does InferiorWang post just to make his post number higher? You tell me...
  2. hahaha. truth is funny
  3. ilove the face you put!rofl!!!!
  4. Maybe or maybe not!

    He wasn't the one I was speaking of!!!!
  5. hahaha......probley! i dunno though.... we shouldnt be pickin on wang..... Just Kidding! LMAO hahaha!
  6. I was just doing it there to get attention. Usually my posts are pertinent to the discussion. I guess I should say that it's nifty to get to be the topic of a poll, though.
  7. I know, I know. I was just giving ya' a hard time man... I'll spark a jay in wang's name for all the beef... have a nice night..
  8. I dunno about the Wang but I can tell you all about my friend Superior Johnson, he loves talking about his well endowed prowess, he also goes by the name of HateBreeder
  9. Dude, KraziHare, I love your Jonny avatar!!!!! That fucking rocks!
  10. I don't mind one bit about you giving me a hard time. I just felt like defending myself. And as soon as my mom goes on her walk I'll spark up, too. I scored an 1/8 last night!!!! I've been out for a while and haven't been able to find a decent hookup. I had to have my little brother call his friends for an hour before he found some and most of his friends are pot heads. My brother will do my bidding as long as I'm his source for cheap phillies.

  11. of course you love it, you've been hypmotized to do so

    seriously tho, rock on man, your the second person here to actually know what that is
  12. can u tell us what it us by anychance???

  13. *Hint* Homicidal Maniac......
  14. All I want to know is why would he want his handle to be inferiorwang?
    I mean, why??? why??????
  15. ::me typing Johnny the homicidal maniac in google::

    a book huh? Guess i'll have to pick it up
  16. yeah, wang is a little bit of a post whore... but some of the best people at the city have posting diarrehoa too (i'm thinkin nam & stylez). :D ;)
  17. diarrhea! cha cha cha! diarrhea! cha cha cha! diarrhea! cha cha chhhaaahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahehehehehehee ehehehheeheh hehe e h ha!
  18. hey sensimil.. do you like AFI? I couldn't help but notice you aim profile having the lyrics to morning star... AFI's my favorite band..

  19. now that I have you buddy...IM gonna im your punky little world :p

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