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Does holding your breath get you higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by elefante1211, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. im asking if it works FOR YOU

    i personally dont like to do it, but i think it works sometimes.
  2. i prefer to take medium-sized hits. i don't like the uncomfortable feeling of exhaling a hit that's too big (usually from bongs). holding hits in doesn't really make a difference for me even when i do it
  3. Lack of oxygen makes ya feel lightheaded and awesome
  4. occasionally, if it's my first hit I'll hold it in for a tad longer, maybe 3 seconds. 3 seconds is pushing it
  5. Holding the smoke in (your breath) will give you more of a head high/rush because after a short period of time you will begin killing braincells. 3-5 seconds isn't suffice?

    For me, yes - I get the headrush. But I choose not to do it.
  6. I don't like holding my hits in for more then a couple of seconds when I smoke. But when I vaporize I like to hold it in as much as possible.
  7. did you just pull that out of your ass? it takes 4 minutes of oxygen deprivation to start killing brain cells

    i hold for 7 seconds max, don't know why, i know coughing get's me higher though

  8. same here
  9. Some people will tell you that you absorb the THC in a matter of seconds and holding the hit won't make any difference. It's true that we absorb the THC from a hit imediately, but only from the smoke that is in contact with the surface of the lung. Holding your hit gives more time for the smoke to move around in your lungs so more of it comes in contact with the lung wall, getting you higher. Blowing out your hit too soon essentially means wasting the middle of the smoke cloud. Taking small hits is the most efficient because then a higher % of the smoke inhaled is on contact with the lungs. The healthiest way is to hold your hit for the normal amount of time, then partially exhale, and re-inhale. This way you aren't depriving yourself of oxygen but take full advantage of your hit.
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    But really, it takes more than a few seconds for oxygen deprivation to be an issue, otherwise swimming would be REALLY unhealthy.

    edit - to answer your original question of if I hold my hits and if it gets me higher. I don't always bother to hold my hits (that's pretty fucking lazy if it's too much work to hold a hit huh?), but when I do it does get me higher. Like if I'm trying to conserve I do this. When I'm out of town and didn't pack enough bud and trying to make it last or something, for sure I hold my hits.
  12. the thing to do is take a huge hit and let your mouth fill up with smoke, french it, then hold it in as long as possible, straight to the head every time...
  13. It's different than simply holding your breath. Prove to me that it doesn't on the other hand, and I'll happily be quiet (a link would be great, I'm always down for learning the correct information).
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    I did have a long thought out counter to this statement, but then I realized anyone who would say "holding your breath for a short time kills brain cells" is far too ignorant to listen to reason. Maybe you should look into a subject before you make in informed and assinine comments.

    But to the OP, I actually stopped in because I had this same thought, keep the info coming GC!!
  15. I Believe this is completely false. Your lungs are not completely hollow like an empty Bag. There are tons of tiny vessels your air passes through in the lung.

  16. ive heard that too. is it because when you cough your opening your lung cavities repeatedly? thats what someone told me once, just wondering if thats really why. anyone know?
  17. I prefer smoking weed that doesn't give me a choice, Anything that makes me cough the smoke out after a second or two is ideal.
    Like this weed I just had, it was called cough so It was pretty nice :)
  18. If you want to get technical, yes, your lungs work like a sponge made of tiny sacs called alveoli. If you take a sponge and quick dip it in water, will it absorb as much as if you let it soak for a second and gave it a squeeze? The longer you hold your hit, the longer you have to absorb the THC. It's not rocket science. If you don't believe your wasting smoke, then smoke with a noob. Every hit you take, blow into their mouth and it WILL get them high. Trust me, I was a broke mofo in highschool and we did a lot to conserve weed. If one person had a bowl and didn't want to share, they would give "shotgun" hits as they called it, to the other person. It tasted like warm lettuce, but it worked.
  19. I could give you some ditch weed that would do that, lol. Harsh doesn't equal good. But I'm just giving you shit. I know the burn in the lungs weed that burns because it's good, not just harsh.

  20. 4 minutes of oxygen deprivation and you would die.

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