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Does Holding Smoke in Really Get You Higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mlrock, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Today, I read on a website that advocates responsible use of marijuana that one way to reduce any health risks with weed is to not hold the smoke in your lungs. They said that you'll be exposed to fewer of the bad chemicals and the idea that holding it in gets you higher is a myth. Is that true?
  2. No, 5 secconds is good. The rest is just your brain deprived of oxygen.
  3. honestly i hold it in for like 5 but really all the thc is absorbed instantly probably.
  4. 95% of the THC absorbs withing five or six seconds after need to hold it longer than 5 sec
  5. I thought it was 8 seconds.
  6. Must be confused with that jib smoke.

  7. Any number someone throws out there is purely arbitrary
  8. When we inhale our body DOSE NOT use up all the oxygen
    we only retain about 4 or 5% of it in our lungs
    so go ahead. hold in them tokes. our body can handle it no problem
  9. The alveoli can only exchange so much gas. Holding it in foreverz will not get you higher. It is also not absorbed immediately. There are probably many factors on absorption such as THC deposited as condensate in the lungs being absorbed.
  10. I just hold it in until I'm about to cough...usually 5-8 seconds.
  11. It's been scientifically proven that holding it in any longer than 5 seconds does not get you higher. Although some people say it does, it's all in the head. So if you want to hold it in the make yourself "think" you get higher, go right ahead, I know the facts but still do it cuz my mind "thinks" it does. Happy toking!
  12. After about 5 seconds no more THC will be absorbed.
  13. 3-5 seconds and you're good, anymore is just a waste.
  14. I hold mine in for 2 seconds and i find there is no difference between 2 seconds and 8 seconds plus its a bitch to hold a 8 second hit.
  15. around me we hold it for like 8+ seconds, im not too worried about the smoke though, doubtfuly harmfull unless im like ripping bongs 24/7.
    the lung has a very high recovery rate.
  16. haha i know even if it did it's not going to do anything. Your not going to get any dumber, not going to go brain dead. Your going to get dizzy MAYBE and then continue on with your life, what's all this shit about oxygen deprivation... your holding your breath HOW BIG OF A PUSSY CAN YOU BE?!
  17. i hold for 7 i get way higher then 1 second hits
  18. I dunno about anyone else but I definitely get higher when I hold in hits as long as possible.

    If I am low on weed I can make such a small amount of weed last me way longer just by makin sure every hit counts. :D
  19. Well, holding in smoke may make you feel higher. It isn't good for you but, neither is inhaling combusted plant matter.

    Holding smoke in for 10-20 seconds does not deprive your brain of oxygen. For any damage to your brain you have not breath for at least 3 minutes. But, most of the THC is absorbed in the first 5 seconds so there is no reason to hold it any longer.

    Some people hold their hits in longer when they are low on bud because it makes less make you feel higher.

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