Does happy frog soil need perlite??

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  1. Alrite im going out today to get a couple bags of happy frog soil...a friend said you dont need to add perlite or anything else to this soil that it comes with moisture control. Also im getting fox farm grow big fert for vegging and hopefully sometype of fan to bring in fresh air and kick out the old air...

    My questions...

    1.What would be a good mix for a soil like happy frog?? and with all guano and castings in it will it affect my seeds?
    2. Will fox farm grow big be alrite for my veg stage??
    3. I extremely need ventilation for my room, i have 1000 watt light that makes my temps go from 72 to 86 real quick, i have 6 oscilating fans in my grow room, but is there any type of bathroom vent or powerful fan that i wont need an electrician for??
    4. I have a 600 watt hps and 1000 watt hps....which would be better for vegging??

    sorry i know i got carried away but im setting everything up today and would LOVE any advice guys, thanks :wave:
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  2. 1.)I would still add 25% perlite. Perlite is added more for AERATION of soil rather than moisture control. Aeration means oxygenation of roots,which equals happy plants.
    3.)Most bathroom fans are wired to black, white to white etc. You could replace whatever fan you have in there without an electrician, but you need to know where it vents out of the house, and address that. Odor control will be problematic.You will also need a way to bring cool, fresh air into the room. If the house is a rental, cutting holes in the walls for ventilation won't work.
    4.)Either one will work, 1000w is stronger, probably better.

    Good luck on your grow........

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