does growing in 5 gallon buckets allow enough root room?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by budblower10, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. does a regular 5 gallon bucket allow for good root expansion? I want to get biggest plants possible with best yeild, but digging can be a b8tch. I will dig if i got to, but will 5 gallon buckets support good growth? thanks alot
  2. Yes, I have a "20 Litre" bucket and I want to know if this is big enough?
  3. It HAS to be at least 3 gal to reach pretty much its full (depending on strain). I dont feel like converting ten litres to gals :D sry but i hope that helped
  4. The bigger the better. I have to grow in buckets on my terrace.
    5 gallon (is that UK or US gallon) buckets can give a good yield, my first grow was in 5 UK gallon buckets, I got about 10 ounces of dried bud a plant. Then I moved to 7.5 UK gallon, got about 12.5 ounces a plant average (and 1 pound off of the best lady).
    This year I am going to 11 UK gallon buckets. Don´t think I can go much bigger, a bit heavy to manoeuvre with my back.
  5. the biggest i can find is 5 gallon, wheere do they have bigger ones? I dont want the big ol heavy clay ones, just like a 5 gallon buck style, but bigger lol, thanks alot
  6. I live in Spain, I buy builder´s rubber containers, they mix concrete, plaster etc in these. They are 50 litres, 11 UK gallons each.
    No idea what is available where you are, you will have to look yourself.
  7. I was thinking of using the 20 litre plastic paint pots?

    I can get them for free and they are pretty deep, not so wide though...
  8. lets talk about 'drip line'

    the drip line is usually the area under the outter most stem's area. this is typically 2/3's of the size of the widest part of the plant.

    if ur plant is 3 ft wide, ur drip line is about 2 feet wide.

    so if u have too skinny of a pot, u will be limiting ur wide growth.

    i use a #2000 black plastic containers. they are a large 3 gal size and seems to hold enough for what i do.

    but like someone said before, the bigger the roots, the bigger the shoots.
  9. Never come across the expression ´drip line´ before - I have a suspicion you have just invented it, froggy.

    But that is only relevant if it rains, and it never rains here in the MJ growing season, I have to water by hand EVERY day.
  10. i have heard drip line either xcept for the line used to water plants. but i have heard of root diameter and i think thats wat you mean

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