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Does grinding marijuana help?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lord Cohliani, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Does grinding weed before you smoke it help at all?

    Sorry, I'm kinda a newbie.
  2. yes, good airflow, more surface area, and if you have a screen you can have kief.
  3. Depends on what you prefer really. It burns faster but that allows you to get a nice big rip. Also with me it depends on the bud. If dense and not very dry, I grind it. If nice and dry I usually just take off little buds at a time and load 1 hits all day. :smoke:

    Hope this helps.
  4. No, infact it knocks off more of the thc glands which would hurt it slightly, howver you can still clean these thc glands out of the grinder so your not losing anything. Im not sure weather delicate breaking with the fingertips or sciccors is better, it may be debatable. Whatever way you choose you break up your herbs its gunna get you virtually just as high. Just getting a little too technical is all...If your talking about vaping than a grinder may be better since it exposes more surface area...shit come to think of it i really dont know whats better losing some thc crystals or having more surface area to realease the vapour effieciently mind is fucked on this topic. It may get deeper than it appears on the surface...
  5. no.

    Grinders a just a tool to easily and quickly break up weed. They are very handy when your weed is bad and sorta bricked up, and also when your weed is very sticky and funky.

    You do however need to break up your weed before you smoke it. The smaller you break it up the easier it will ignite. Think about surface area. Lots of small bits = more surface area = more oxygen and flame contact at once = easier, faster ignition.

    Bigger pieces will be harder to light.

    How fine should you break your weed up?

    Well, it depends on 2 factors:

    1. how are you smoking it? If you want a joint, you want a well ground, even consistency, but not too fine or it will pull through. If you got a bowl, you dont want finely ground weed that will fall through the hole, but you dont want one big nug that wont light either.

    2. what condition is the weed in? If its dry, you probably want to go with a bit bigger pieces. If its very sticky, funky,recently cured weed, you probably want to break it up as much as possible, otherwise it will be a bitch to light.
  6. well you cant just stick a bud in the pipe and expect it to toke.
  7. Stoopid Toker,

    I dig the photo.
  8. If you have a grinder, by all means grind it up. Less trichomes will be absorbed by your skin (although honestly you won't notice the difference between hand ground and grinder ground in my opinion). The only real pro I can think of is catching kief (little bits of fine cannabis and trichomes) which when put ontop of a fat bowl or in a joint can really get you toasted.
  9. Ground herb burns much more evenly. If you roll Js, your roll will be tighter and less lumpy. If you use bowls, you can pack more densely. I can't think of a downside.

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