Does God have conscious thought?

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  1. I keep reading through these God/god threads and still do not know, does God/god(s) have conscious thought? I don't mean anything obscure like life is God's consciousness. Just simply, does God or any gods, the so called entity itself, have conscious thought? Is there a "higher being" that is consciously thinking out their next move?
    I've seen people say nature is God. Nature does not have conscious thought.
  2. Nature is conscious, just not everything conscious is intelligent. But, I think God would have conscious thought, along with everything.
  3. We are God's conscious thought(s). Reality is our way of interacting with God. How could your creation be aware of you when it is you? Well, through just being, and that's because it's all God gets to do.
  4. I am conscious. I am aware of my existence. I can make decisions on how to interact with and attempt to control things in my life. I am not God. I have no influence on worldly affairs such as earthquakes or floods. As far as I can tell, most people feel that God controls these things. I can understand nature being referred to as a god, as in natural occurrences, but natural occurrences do not happen through conscious thought.
  5. If god has conscious thought, then he is really good at hiding it.

    Then again the mere concept of a god contradicts itself logically. So it's like asking if Santa is conscious.
  6. You could think of this entire Universe as a dream that God is having, so in a way you could think of it as conscious thought.

    And how does the concept of God contradict itself? That just sounds like you trying to sound smart with nothing to back it up.

    And to dude above that who said "I have no influence over earthquakes etc.", well, you'd be surprised lol, though not that much. On a scale of millions of people though we do influence such things to a large degree, though not entirely.
  7. Your conscious thought is reflected back to you by God. In a way, your conscious thought is God's conscious thought, since your consciousness is your God-nature. Your conscious decisions and thoughts are sent out to God and reflected back at you. He does not do anything of himself, but through him all things are done, by you/us doing things.
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    The entirety of Life and existence is the Singularity experiencing its own self-discovery through itself manifested as we/us/life, through itself as the Cosmos and the Cosmic Memory.. the whole of this cycle of endless cycles of Cosmoses culminates at the intersection of Consciousness, awareness, intelligence, energy, and potential, or.. as we more fondly like to label it, the continuous moment of ‘Now’, Creation.. the ripple of Consciousness expanding into the Void, leaving reality in its wake as it ‘feels’ its way into its next grandest version of itself..
  9. iv wonderd about such things... althou a paster i read about got alot of heat for suggesting the eartquake in haiti was caused because the slave revolutionist resorted to help from the devil to drive out the french, which they did do historicly if you count the practice of Voodo as satinic but i have heard christians call buddhism the devils religion simply because jesus is not he center of it all
  10. If there is a God with conscious thought, he's an asshole. If I were to give people a crapload of diseases, you guys would call me an asshole too right? Don't mean to bible bash or w/e.
  11. if there is a God, which i personally believe there is, but hey, i could be wrong of course. i truly doubt we can even begin to come close to understanding him.

    Shit we can barely understand ourselves you think we would be able to figure out an entity that can create the universe?
  12. 'god' is awareness
    we all share the same awareness
    we are one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively

    i think that's it

    and journey now i know you have no idea what your talking about

  13. I like this.

    Too me it seems like we are god. Everything is god. So gods conscious thoughts would be our own thoughts. Since god is existence, it is the good and bad. It is the dark and light.

    Basically each and every one of us and everything else in existence is interconnected and ultimately is one. We are just experiencing reality subjectively as individual consciousness/bodies/minds at this moment.

    Just think of the universe as one big life form/being and us all being apart of that being. We are the leaves on a tree, cells in an organism, stars in a galaxy.

    We are all god experiencing ourselves until we merge back together with ourselves and exist as truly one again. And then that expands back out and we experience ourselves again subjectively and then merge. The universe/god/source/creator expands than contacts, expands than contracts, expands than contracts...

  14. Dude, leaves on a tree, I completely forgot about that. Good stuff man lol, I really like that.

    The contracting thing is interesting
  15. Honestly, I have no clue if he has conscious thought. I'm inclined to think not, but at the same time, my belief tells me god/the source=infinite possibilities. So the only thing I can be sure of is that anything is possible through him.

  16. It has nothing to do with someone worshipping a false God. There is no false God when it comes to legitimate religion. It is actions and the karma of the people that influence such things.

    People need a reality check, Jesus was not the only Avatar to ever walk the Earth, nor the only person to ever perform miracles, just look through history.
  17. gods concious cant be described by us

    if god exists, god would exist outside the reality that god created, which is a cause and efect based universe

    but the mere act of creation is an effect from a cause

    so no god can exist within the the relm of human understand, nor will one ever, because if a god exists, it exists outside of what is possible
  18. He is consciousness.
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    Well, in prayer do you believe someone listens
  20. No, I believe it's a focus of energy. Who/what would be there to listen?
    That's the whole thing I'm trying to figure out. How can there be something out there w/conscious thought controlling things?
    It's impossible for me to accept most peoples concept of God. It's just too obscure.

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