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does food kill a buzz?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokintilchokin, Dec 11, 2001.

  1. I heard once that the worst thing to do while ur high and wanna keep it is eat. If this is true, i'd be pretty fucking pissed. I would try and ... shit lost my train of thought. pretty fucke up. Well

  2. I don't know if food itself kills your high, but... Plopping down on the couch with a pizza and bag of pork rinds sure does. Just eating yourself silly off junkfood when your not hungry is really bad.

    On the other hand, smoking before an actual meal (y'know, like breakfast) is most choice.
  3. I would have to agree Spaceman.
  4. that is based on,,,eating diverts the bloodflow to the digestive system,,diminishing the effects on the brain.

  5. Unless the food contains herb........
  6. I aGRee Wit n-Bud!!! I fINd NOthIN FinIsHES a gOOd MEaL BEttER tHAn A FEW BOwLs!!
  7. I don't think it does.
  8. Eat a "special" brownie... it will NOT kill the buzz.
  9. Blood sugar levels rise after you eat most things and this kills your buzz. Sweets are the worst and protiens are the best for maintaining your high. Tobacco will get you higher but I can't take that any longer.

    Merry Christmas
  10. when i'm smoking weed after every fag i need to eat it doesn't happen when smokin solid but when you think about the Rastas who smoked ah the time , the had someone who just cooked all day, people eat when the needed and i think thats why Rastas are appealling to me but there you go, a couple of spliffs and i can't shut up . Take care
  11. Eat your special brownies on a somewhat empty stomach for a most effective stone!! :)

    I do, I get the munchies so bad, so what I do instead is keep the house stocked with healthy stuff... Veggie Chili, Vegetables, Soup, Fruit, etc. Does kill a buzz, but usually not enough to make me notice it!!

    What's really good are popsicles, did you know most of the time you get the munchies, you might not even be hungry at all, but thirsty? Your brain responds to hunger and thirst the same, and thirst is oftentimes mistaken for hunger.. Try a juicy popsicle or something to drink before eatin next time, you might be able to satisfy your brain AND avoid killing your buzz~
  12. sup all i'm new here

    i don't get the munchies when i get high, does this happen to anyone else? I've only gotten the munchies one time and that was my first time. and i've been smokin for about 3 years now.
  13. you have to watch the munchies man, my friend smoked every day durning the summer and put on wait. I'm pretty sure it slows your metabolism, but not sure.
    I got cottonmouth a few days a go then drank a coke. My mouth felt realy damn gross, all filmy..........more than normal
  14. i always used to munch out hard lol back when i waz 14-17 but now im 18 i dnt really eat when im stoned and i swear its a different buzz ha.

    also i find that eating food that give u gat mouth like crisps or biscuits bring me back upto the stoned level when its wearing off,so i dnt kno ha.
  15. Eating before a meal is the best i much rather burn and eat lunch or dinner than just smoke after eating when the potential of chocking can possibly lead to yaking which has never happened to me but i always think if i choke on some fire work i might throw up if i just ate agreed spaceman agreed!
  16. holy old thread, how did this even get alive again? The things almost 9 years old! :O

  17. hellz yea....i cant even begin how many times me and my friends have wake and baked....then gone to waffle house to kill a damn all star meal....then smoked a joint each on the way home...
  18. Fruit is probably the best thing to munch on, you get your sweet fix without the immediate come down sugary foods will give you.
  19. it does for me.

    i always eat before i smoke, im not hungry after i smoke. not for a few hours at least

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