Does everyone have an addiction or weakness of some sort?

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  1. It seems like everyone is hooked on something: drugs, food, sex, internet, work, money, praise, etc.

    So is addiction a universal part of the human condition where everyone latches on to something to return to over and over or are there some people who are exceptions who don't get hooked to anything at all?
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    Choco Tacos
  3. That's deep.
  4. probably yeah
  5. Yeah there's always exceptions, some spiritual masters probably have no addictions or desire at all.
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    I have a weakness for stunningly gorgeous blonde women between the ages of 18-26. I also enjoy eating food and walks on the beach. I seem to be addicted to the internet although during my two weeks in Colorado, I suffered no withdrawal symptoms because I had my beloved cannabis in which to indulge in. I'm not addicted to money because I've never really had a lot of it and to be honest have never really tried obtaining a lot of it outside of buying the occasional lottery ticket.
         Food is an addiction I guess you could say but not to the point that I can't do without it, as in, when in Colorado, I was down to one meal a day in the early afternoon and I was just fine. Back home, I've fallen back into the nasty habit of eating three meals a day plus snacks. Work has never been an addiction for me because factory work sucks and that's what I did most of my working life. Sex is none of your business !! Praise ? Considering that I have a severe narcissistic personality disorder, I get plenty of praise...from myself. :D I don't know if I'm addicted to praise though...maybe.
  7. I think everyone has weakness because everywhere is different. I think having no weakness would imply that one knows and has experienced everything.

    The spiritual master argument makes me think. What do you think of when you think of a spiritual master? Can you show me one?
  8. kryptonite. gets me every time.
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    Nope..everyone isn't addicted to something. My dad has never been a drinker, a smoker, or anything. He's just a regular guy who goes to work and watches a little TV when he get home. He likes to hunt and fish but there's not a single thing that I can think of that I could say he's addicted to.
    I'm addicted to the internet and caffeine..not even weed, I haven't smoked in over 2 weeks now. Haven't even been restless or irritable like some people on t-break.
  10. I actually think yes.

    Even people who say they don't are probly just blind to it.

    We are creatures of habit and at the end of the day, we seek that dopamine.release, however we usually.get it

  11. yea, i would think the vast majority of people have something they come back to time and again. after all why wouldnt we, life is a bunch of experiences, the experiences you enjoy most you will come back to enjoy again. even if its not clear to you what this habit or addiction or experience is, it seems only natural for us to succumb to, or rather just relive, an experience. 
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    Take away his hunting, fishing and telly and tell me if he likes it......
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    You could try and take away my fishing poles and we would be fighting...doesn't mean I'm addicted to fishing, just something I enjoy doing in my free time.
    I like showering I addicted to showering? Lol
    those guys that go meditate in the mountains
  15. I'd say ya we all do to a degree. At this point in time I'd say weed and snowboarding are for me. It's important to find balance so I go for tolerance breaks and picked skiing back up haha.
  16. the point isnt the addiction. the point is weakness. say somehow your dad ended up on 3 years probation for a fight and i knew this. the fight was noble but he still got in trouble and was told any more fights = a year in jail. i hate the mo fo and start picking on him at work. on the lake, at church. any and everywhere to try and break him. little shit. would that little shit add up? would it make him passive aggressive towards others? would his efficiency as a worker suffer? would it make him seek revenge?  he tries the cops but they cant prove anything and i just keep tormenting.
    so the question is would your dad still live his life as always with all the above things going on or would it distort him. could i create hate in him for me? idk the guy, im not saying i could break him. but could i effect his behavior/emotions? that's exploiting weakness.
  17. and shaman in the jungle too lol.
  18. Absolutely. Desire for trivial things beyond our basic needs is the driving force of humanity.
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  20. Thank you.

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