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Does every stoner get tired of weed eventually?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by El Cielo, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. That's what it seems like. I bet there are some of you guys who have been smoking for over 10 years but so many dudes I know either stop smoking to get their shit together or because they're over it. I never liked being drunk, I prefer being stoned, but I've run into old friends who say they'd rather get drunk now. So does that mean I'll eventually switch to alcohol?

    Anyway I was just thinking about shit.

    Well it's a rainy morning and no one's home. There's nothing good on TV and I got no food, so I'm gonna light up. Happy toking!
  2. Well here is the deal.They stoped doin weed because of law and that they dont wana get busted and ruin all they got you know.But here is the example when I am out with my friends,there are 2 groups,alcoholics and stoners.And when each group uses its own medicine when we talk we cant talk because alcoholics think they are the top of the world when they are drunk,while stoner like more talkin and jokin and all that.In the end doesnt mean you will stop weed for alcohol,it is all about personality.
  3. I got sick of it, took a month t-break and I loved it again.

    I'm the same with alcohol, don't enjoy it as much. I doubt I'll ever prefer alcohol to weed hahaaa
  4. Just switch strains. Quad century and still puffing stronger then ever-
  5. well i'll stop every now and then for a few months
    but i would never switch over to alcohol completely
  6. Hell no. There are so many different strains and ways to enjoy. I could never get tired of that. :D
  7. the only reason i ever get tired of weed is cause theres other shit that gets me higher
  8. i did get tired of smoking at one point but then i became more of a connoisseur and i started to like weed more so if you get tired of it just try new strains
  9. I find weed both relaxing and a way to enhance certain elements of my day...what's to get tired of?
    I mean sure it MAY happen, though I don't see it and can't think of why.
  10. Get tired of weed? Wtf?

    Alcohol is the DEVIL

  11. Everyone keeps saying to try different strains but what if you're like me and stuck in a place where there is only reggie and dro? What then?
  12. actually im facing this right now because im not getting high anymore so im gunna have to take a t break..... soon....
  13. Moderation. Id like to request permission to /thread. lol jk moderation is the key though
  14. i tried other stuff, like xanax and all that crap. they made me feel nice, but nothing compares to weed. i don't even drink beer anymore. i only drink if i haven't had the certain brew or brand. plus i don't like being drunk. i usually throw up when i go over my limit, but weed has never caused me problems. and there really isn't a substitute to it, the legal shit or spice sucks.
  15. I get tired of running. Tired of fighting. Tired after sex.
    But tired of weed?!

  16. Then don't drink so much? Know your limits man.
  17. I know i'll never get tired of it but i was at my little cousins b-day family party thing, and i was talking to my brother and cousin (not the young one, shes like 23) about smokin and apparently my brother and cousin both quit smoking bud for alcohol/cigarettes. my brother: "I got better shit to spend my money on"

    it made me SMH:laughing:
  18. Blasphemy
  19. it took me a long time to start toking, but now that i do i found out that i missed out. cuase its the best. i dont think ill ever stop. it keeps me calm, it makes everything fun, you dont get bored, it makes me more social, and im sure you all can agree that it makes food AWESOME. plus its weed, its not going to kill you


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