Does elevation really affect you when you toke up

Discussion in 'General' started by Brentwal420, May 26, 2009.

  1. So yeah Utah marijuana is actually alright. I just moved to the SLC area of utah from Seattle and was pretty bummed because I thought the buds were going to be bad comparative to the weed i got in Seattle. I feel like I get even higher here. Its just shitty cause its $50 an 8th for some just your everyday bomb buds that would cost 40 bucks in WA. But anyways do you guys think smoking at a higher elevation get's you higher? Cause seattle is at sea level and now I am on the first bench of the rockies at around 5,000 feet elevation :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. Yes sir, Im in southern utah, I was up smoking on the point of a mountain and i get soo baked and light headed off a few hits.. it was fun!
  3. The higher the elevation, the thinner the air. The less air, the more smoke when you toke. I grew up at 6500 feet elevation, you could definitely tell the difference smoking on the mountain vs. smoking in the valley.
  4. well yeah, moving from CA at sea level out here to Denver definately has gotten me higher (literally)
  5. i'd like to hear more about this
  6. well air is thinner, so less oxygen causes you to feel "higher" off of less intake of alcohol, drugs... i assume.
  7. same goes for alcahol at elevation.
    less to get u drunk, buzzed, etc

    denser air (lower elevation) = more o2 particles in your lungs per breath
    less dense air (higher elevation) = less o2 particles in your lungs per breath

    it will take less substance to get you 'intoxicated' at higher elevations.

    go try to work out at 8k feet, see if you can do the same routine/duration as you do at sea level. :p

    go rip your bong at 8k feet, see if you can consume the same amount as you do at sea level. haha it'd prob be much more amusing to say the least! :eek:

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