Does drinking milk make you less high

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  1. It's just a myth that I heard and I wanted to know if it was true
  2. No? Why the hell would milk make you not high?
  3. No I just ears that it makes u less high
  4. It's dairy,It makes you come down from an unmentionable trip ! oh hey look at the MUSHROOMS on the ground under the tree over there...
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    I herped so hard, that i derped. I always think it gets me more high. Get really cold milk and drink a big glass, then when your throat get really cold keep drinking for as long as you possibly can and you get a crazy head rush.
  6. Eating cereals really make my high go away so I guess yea
  7. doesn't.
  8. Anything with fat that you eat can potentially bring down your high but not get RID of it.
  9. Fuck that. Stick to beer and you won't have any problems. Milk has nothing to do with weed.
  10. Problem solved!

    Although, I have noticed that eating or drinking anything except an alcoholic beverage does seem to slightly bring down my high. Thats why I make sure and have a nice meal before I smoke so I'm not starving immediately after I smoke.
  11. Lol nothing brings my high down except the po po

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