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Does Dollar Tree drug test?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by GoGetEmKid, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Okay, so I'm new here and I just wanted to ask if any of you guys knew? I started working there about a month ago as a cashier and as of right now I'm still a "temporary employee" though my boss has actually told me that I'm staying on permanently since I needed to know for the purposes of finding another job. Problem is, I don't know if they're going to drug test me or not. I really wanna start smoking again (I went from being a chronic smoker to being clean for four months, ugh) but I don't wanna lose this job because I couldn't pass a drug test. I don't think they will test because it said nothing on the application about a test or anything in the pre-employment papers about it either. Also, I've seen things online that say they don't test. But I was hoping for some info from a first-hand experience? Or maybe someone who knows somebody that works there? Any help is much appreciated!
  2. Retail stores very rarely drug test, just as long as you don't fuck up and hurt yourself on the job somehow.
  3. Good to know. Also I was wondering, if they do drug test are they required to say so on their application?
  4. DT does not drug test. I dated a store manager. And it should will say on the application something like this is a drug free environment and are you willing to take a drug test.
  5. You should be safe.

    Usually jobs that are not idiot proof require some kind of testing. i.e. forklift driver, heavy machine operator, hazardous materials
  6. Thanks for the responses. Yeah, I knew if they didn't say anything about a test on the application then chances are they don't. Mainly because places I knew didn't test (IE. McDonald's, Hardee's, etc.) never said anything about it on their apps where places I knew did test (IE. Walmart, Walgreen's, etc.) always said so on their apps. Thanks again for the help, as I've been wanting to start smoking again for months.
  7. it's a Dollar Store..............................................
  8. I know that Dollar Tree sells dollar drug tests. I saw one last time I was in there and giggled a bit. I kind of wanted to get one just to see if a dollar drug test works or not...
  9. I know, and that's what I thought, but we also have a Dollar General in my town and they do drug testing. Better safe than sorry. :confused_2:
  10. I've seen them before too but apparently they don't sell them at our particular store. >.>
  11. How much do you make? A dollar an hour? Hardy har har I'm such a comedian aren't I?
  12. I wish I could get Tree for a Dollar.

    I think I'm a better comedian. :D
  13. Not much more than that. :laughing:

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