Does detoxing make it easier to quit/take a break?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nathan, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. So I'm in my junior year of university and I need to take a break from smoking. I've been smoking all the time so far this year and it is interfering with my schedule and making me lazy. If I smoke I lose literally all motivation to go to class and do homework. If I could just only smoke at night it wouldn't be an issue but I'm so used to smoking all day that if I have bud I'll most likely smoke it regardless of the time because it's become routine for me. I'm thinking after my break I will only smoke at night so I never develop the habit of smoking in the morning and afternoon. The only reason I can get away with smoking before work is I don't have the option of skipping it, like I do with class .

    On to the main question, I read somewhere a few months ago that if you are trying to quit, it becomes much easier if you get it out of your system faster by using natural detoxing food like pure maple syrup, for example. Is this true?

    Also if you have been in a similar situation with school do you have any advice?
    I dunno. Today is my 1st day with no weed in a long time. With the exception of not knowing what I'm doing, everything else seems pretty ok. Tomorrow morning will be hard - no wake and bake, No weed & coffee. In a few days I may turn into mister average person. Then again, maybe I'll bust into my jar of curing buds.
  3. I don't know about food making it quicker to detox but for me the best way is to stop smoking and do things to keep your mind busy. If you have been smoking daily for a long time, take a week off and then do your routine of smoking at night and you should be good. Just do things to keep your mind off of smoking, try going for a walk/hike or exercise is the best thing to keep your mind off of it and if you sweat a lot that's good and will help you detox faster. 

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