Does Customs Put A Sticker On Packages Shipping To The Same Country?

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  1. Hey guys, I ordered a small glass pipe from the grasscity store. It's shipped from Eugene, OR and should be here by Friday, from USPS. I know that customs tends to label packages as "Glass Pipe" or "Water Pipe", but I wanted to check if it made any difference that my pipe is being shipped cross-country instead of from some other country across the world, like many other orders. Also, is it a 100% chance that the package will be labeled by customs? I'm wondering because I just recently turned of age and haven't moved out yet, but my mother is anti-pot, so I'm hoping for a discreet delivery :D Thanks for feedback.

  2. You know that customs only concerns things that arrive from outside the country right?
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    That's what I was asking. I've actually never been out of the country, so I wasn't sure. I feel stupid heh, I always thought customs was just the name for security at the airport.
  4. Yes, they check you out at the airport when you come from outside the country as well. 

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