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Does Co2 help plants grow?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by SuperStonerMan, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. I heard a rumor that if you fill your growth room full of co2 it will make the plants grow twice as fast and it also then creates oxygen. So i was thinking about trying this , but i would like some feedback to see if im not wasting my time. Any information would be nice:smoking:
  2. do a search before posting.
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    are you saying you have actually grown plants before and you dont know anything about co2? wow!

    im sorry, how were you planning on adding co2? a co2 generator, i mean the kind they make for plants?

  4. not a rumor dude co2 will almost double the size and weight of your shit, it also keeps the bugs out , started co2 , havnt sprayed for bugs since.
  5. Seriously, why is this in the advanced forum and not the beginners?

    A rumor that CO2 helps plants grow, what next :hello:
  6. "Plants need CO2 to live" is as "Humans need _________ to live".

    A. Nonexistium
    B. O2 (Oxygen)
    C. Sharp stick in the eye
    D. All of the above

    Hint: Hold your breath.
  7. Nutrients, water, light and co2, and a little o2 are what they need, so yes, co2 is good for plants
  8. WTF is this guy for real? "dude does co2 help plants grow" Did you actually go to school?

  9. be nice guys.....silly question or not.

    Now, i'm sure we have clarified that, YES, co2 does help the MJ plant.

    I have never used it myself but am very interested in yeild difference.

    Do most ppl use it just in flowering or through the VEG cycle too??

    what's all needed to safely use this.....Tank, regulator, timer(got one on my climate controller).
    what else did i miss?
  10. co2 will increase weight by 40% minimum
    not faster and i still had to fight bugs with it.....so no it doesnt stop them
    u need to walk before u fly........
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    Not sure i agree with part of your statement. By your logic, a 60 day strain would then require an extended flower period to achieve that extra 40%? :confused:

    Take for example, two identical cuttings, only one has supplemental CO2. They will both reach maturity simultaneously if flowered simultaneously. So if the one with the added CO2 has a greater yield, this can only be explained by an accelerated growth rate. Just my $.02
  12. whats a co2 generator worth??
  13. say for a room thats 3 meters x 3meteres x 3meters tall... 27mtres squared
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    Bottled CO2 would be my recommendation for that size space. Several advantages over generators IMO.
    Tanks don't generate extra heat.
    They don't burn a fossil fuel (e.g. propane) to create the gas you want as a byproduct.
    Using a tank is much more efficient in the long run. Smaller carbon footprint. With a tank, you're basically treating the carbon (something we have more than enough of) by using the plants as a scrubber. Thereby releasing oxygen (something that is slowly decreasing in ppm due to all the contaminants we pump into the atmosphere) as a byproduct. Just my $.02

    Oh yeah. Tanks don't pose any fire risk at all. Generators on the other hand, have pilot lights and burners going to generate the CO2.
  15. Plants use CO2 for photosynthesis. More CO2 = more photosynthesis = more energy for the plants = bigger plants. This is assuming that all of the other requirements (light, water, nutrients) are not the limiting factors. In other words, if you're only using a 5 watt bulb over your plants, pumping the room full of CO2 isn't going to get you much. But if you have a 1000w light over them, good balanced nutrients/soil and plenty of water (or a proper hydro setup), the extra CO2 will indeed promote plant growth.
  16. No, it is just a rumor. Please box up all of your co2 and send it to me.
  17. I'll breathe in a box and send it to you if you pay shipping :wave:
  18. OK sorry for being an ass. and yes co2 will improve yield

  19. LOL, I'll ship you some gas. Just hold your nose when you open the box. :p
  20. That's CH4, not CO2 :p

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