Does cinnimon fuck with a plant in anyway

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by smokingpope, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. As Im sure alot of you know, cinnimon can control bugs like ants and gnats from making a home in your soil. This year i have ants in mine and have been using a cinnimon drench to combat it. I've been using alot of cinnimon drenches. Does that fuck with the soils ph? Does to much cinnimon hurt the plant? please respond i would love to hear some input to help my anxiousness. This is my medicine, after all.
  2. I hear aluninum is better

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  3. I appreciate that man but I got the ant situation on handle now, but i want to know if there's anything I need to worry about with the cinnimon, if you or anyone else knows about the consequnces of giving a plant in soil lots of cinnimon, id love to know
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  4. Mix some cinnamon in water amd test the ph. Probably the only thing that could have a negative impact.
  5. Good idea thanks man

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