Does Blunt Tolerance Go Up?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by stonerwiz420, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. So the other night, I rolled my first blunt from a juicy jay strawberry fields wrap and I thought I did an okay job for my first blunt rolling, anyway when I smoked it, it held together surprisingly well but this time I didn't feel sick from it the next day, when I smoked my first blunt that my friend rolled with a swisher, I got hella sick from it the next day, so I'm wondering if tolerance goes up every time you smoke a blunt, thanks for the replies, peace and.... Do I need to finish the sentence? Lol
  2. In general with drugs, your tolerance will always increase as you take more and more, I remember when I first started smoking in a group, I thought I could smoke alot, but I must have whiteyd 30 times before I could keep up with the other people.

    So to put it blunt( ;) ) - Yes, your tolerance will increase.
  3. Fa sho, thanks
  4. No it's all about tobacco/nicotine. I know I've greened out off blunts but papers doesn't do that to me so I stick with it.
  5. Tobacco can make you sick and if you swallow the smoke that could make you sick too.

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