Does anyone want to be on a cannabis radio show?

Discussion in 'General' started by since93, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. We need pro cannabis people that can do skype audio...1-2 minutes max. slots...(you get cut if you suck tho)....:smoke:
  2. Details. Details.
  3. you are the bomb million, thanks...details...well...its currently scheduled for october 12..venue CannabisTimesRadio | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio between 18-20 PST...which is like around 9 amish in europe...much earlier in russia, japan etc....

    If the person is creative, funny, interesting, etc. they stay on....if boring and don't add to the subject they get the hook....we want to keep the call ins to 1-2 minutes max.

    this weeks show is gonna have a medical marijuana doctor part and a stoner life part, plus incoming pro-cannabis people that wanna talk about weed in general...:smoke:

    hmmm what else what else.... capability on skype is needed....
  4. Checking out the site right now. Seems cool, I think I'mna try it out anyways even though I don't think I'm that interesting...Still I'm doing it for MaryJane. I love her.
  5. thats crap and you know it...:smoke:
  6. ;):D haha
  7. its gonna be million on the aiiiiiiiiiiiiiir....everyone droooooooling...:smoke:
  8. hahahaaaa I wish!!!
  9. i know! :D.....i wonder if we can get you on the show on cam?...THAT, if possible, would rule...oh i can name a few people from gc thatd be watching that show for sure....:smoke:
  10. haha i'd do it, sounds fun. YOU definatly should do it too. its only fair
  11. hey im like the cocaine lords in colombia...sell, but never use...;)...but you with your hot lil bod and french accent on vid....oh yeah....:smoke:
  12. You're pretty hilarious Mr. nose candy. :D

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