Does anyone try to use a roller for blunts? (PICS INCLUDED!!!111)

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    We start with this:


    Moderate weed, for a moderate price of 35 USD for 2 grams.

    I use this rolling device, yes to answer questions.. I had to tear a piece off the blunt, bout an inch.. if not less to fit it to the rolling size:


    A little packing of 0.7 G's, some splitting of the blunt, bit of licking anddd....

    (Shitty picture, sorry, didn't feel like using my real camera so I used my webcam!)

    Turned out well, burned nice and slow and tasted great.

    To answer some more questions

    yes I am high.

    That's it, take care! Discuss your preferred method of rolling amongst yourselves! :hello:

  2. yeah i used a roller before

    it rolled a perfect bar, i think i might invest in one
  3. why is white lol? just the picture?
  4. That's sick, but I think it's more fun and satisfying to roll your own.
  5. What kind of roller is that? I've been thinking about getting one myself.
  6. 78mm zig zag cigarette roller


  7. GREAT investment.
    Perfect for rolling joints, in fact, have rolled many with them, great for rolling quickly and perfectly, look just like cigs, perfect for blazing in town:smoke:
  8. blunts arent white... thats just a joint, and rolling a joint with a roller is nothing special
  9. Its pretty clear he used SWISHER SWEETS, a cigarillo. He explained he used a shitty camera, which took a pic in BLACK AND WHITE. Did you read the thread?
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    swishers are a dark brown color, dark brown when taken with a black and white camera yields a dark grey. even with a shitty camera this principal is maintained.

    do you really think something can go from dark brown to white just with the switch the grey-scale? you have no concept of logic do you?

    and just to support my point, ive reproduced what a black and white swisher would look like had it been taken with a black and white camera setting
  11. Maybe i have no concept of logic, but look at the pic again, I am pretty sure its a swisher.:D
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    Oh dear..

    it's a Swisher, the weed photo was taken with my webcam too, that time the grayscale (that black and white) was off, when I went to take a photo of the rolled Swisher, the grayscale happened to be on.. it pops on randomly for some reason when I take photos.

    I can assure you, it's a Swisher..

    Look in the back of the grayscaled photo, you guys will see a rolling device.. that's mine, which was used to roll the blunt you partially see..
  13. I notice that there are two ways of looking at the picture.

    One is from a "light-sided approach" and the other is from a "dark side approach".

    If you know what I mean (even a little bit), then you'll know what you are. If you look at the blunt you either see a joint looking type roll or a blunt, mostly because of the color. Some people seem to think it's dark (which apparently it really is) but see that it's a very light grey shade, because of a picture. Other people don't see this and see what looks like a joint.

    edit: sorry, I had an extremely difficult time trying to get what I was thinking put into words.
  14. shit I gotta goto class but I'm buying one of those rolling machines! they're 5$ what a GREAT investment. I mean yeah rolling a joint by hand feels great and all, but when that can put out a product that fast and that consistent everytime, I think i'll use the machine.
  15. I AM a blunt roller.:devious:
  16. perfect explanation sir +rep
  17. Last time I had a rolling machine it rolled it baggy :(

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