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Does anyone still get the giggles?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DanKnStickyy, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Im somewhat upset, I cant seem to get the giggles when getting high anymore. I used to get them like crazy when I first started. I smoked both sativa and indica strains to try and get them again. Any tips?
  2. chill with funnier people, haha i always get the giggles when i chill with my hommie George lol
  3. I guess I'l try to do something more social. Or watch a comedy.
  4. oh god, i learned to never go into a public place high ever again. even drive thrus. i laugh way too fucking hard, its seriously not even funny, its a problem lol.
  5. first time i smoked i watched team america, after the song "everybodies got aids" came on i was sore in pain from laughing, never had the same amount of laughing again
  6. watch jackass 3, that had me laughing thru out the whole movie
  7. It's all about who your with and when you smoke... Just make sure your surroundings and who's surrounding you is what you want to experience when high. Like said above, putting on a comedy does help!
  8. dude i think its tolerance, but anyways iv had extreme giggles since i started when i was 15 and still to this day (depending with which person i hangout) i giggle that my sides hurt for like 30 mins. anyways thats my story.
  9. Don't laugh as much as I used to. Turned on comedy central the other night, and it got one laugh out of me. My girlfriend is a giggle machine though, and she can be pretty infectious with it.
  10. how long you been smoking? after awhile your high changes, permanently it seems like, getting high isn't the same as it was the first few years, I don't get giggles anymore, unless something crazy is going on and I'm doing something totally different.
  11. I giggle constantly , I even snort sometimes, my BF just says shit that makes me crack up and this board makes me laugh too.
  12. I giggle at stuff that's not supposed to be funny...

    For some reason when im really blazed I laugh at peoples serious faces, moving along... I'm like "Daaaamnnnn these peoples is stone cold " and crack up.

    I feel like when im blazed .. That everyone else should be blazed too hahah...

    Another time I literally woke up laughing, and my Dad was like 10 feet away, he looks at me and did that drunk laugh from that movie Arthur (the original) not sure if u guys seen that movie but it's this fuckin hilarious rich, drunk, British guy... I highly recommend it if you need a good laugh
  13. i always get the giggles, my friend zander does this funny dance man has me laughing for a half hour straight!
  14. Eat some mushrooms and you'll get the giggles.
  15. I'm sober right now...but that cracked me up. Serious faces are funny.

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