does anyone own or trade stocks?

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    a company called GreenGro Technologies ($GRNH) is trading at .420 lmao
    guess what they sell?


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  2. I dont even know how stocks work. In the film with charlie sheen where he works at wall street or something he buys stocks, how does he know if he will make a profit? And how is profit made from stocks
  3. I let Lester handle the stocks. Now I'm Chillin in vinewood hills
    you find someone who will be your "broker"
    this "broker" brokers a deal between you and whoever you transact with.
    you buy something if you think it will be more valuable in the future, you sell it if you think it will be less valuable.
    stocks are some of the easiest financial instruments.
    Im guessing you dont just buy random stocks. Is there a method of guessing the valuable stocks
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    It is basically a bet (except you have a stake, not some bet) on the financial future of that company. So you have to really look at a company before you invest.
    Then there are 401K plans which combine a number of large, well performing companies and varying risks. And you just sit back and hope the stock market doesnt take a dive when you are about to retire.
    the strategy you choose depends on what your objective is. ie time horizon, required return, risk tolerance, etc
  8. I trade (more gamble then invest) forex on margin. I play very very short term with typically Small investment. I treat it like pure gambling.

    I have profited since starting, but not super substantially.
    i feel like its hard to make money trading currencies because the market is so liquid. what kind of margins do you have to trade forex?
    you should try commodities futures or etfs that track commodities and those etf options. 
  10. No but wolf of Wall Street was badass.

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    bitcoin i feel would be a fun scary trading experience...
    mining the knowledge of the deep bitcoin is powerful
  12. i read socks lol
  13. I currently have a little over $3500 in the market. Been messing around with Tesla, First Solar, Jinko Solar, TakeTwo, and a few others.
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    lol fun if you like not knowing what the hell is happening. 
    what is a good predictor of future bitcoin price action? i dont think there are any good indications. 
    tsla and fslr are fun to trade but terrible long term investments due to volatility. havent heard about the others
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    In 2006 I went to a site called allsportsmarket that traded sports just like the stock exchange. Every sport you purchased shares of each team in team sports and individual shares in golf, tennis etc. When Bush stopped or passed the no gambling law this fell under that category since every win you got a % of the winnings. Since then they have come a long way and I still await the outcome but they changed a lot since then.  I spent about .08 cents per share back then and hope something comes of it. Not counting on it but would be nice.   Could be as big as he says but I don't know. People did take him to court and he won over not being able to get their money and or not a scam. There was even a scam sight for this ASM but he shut them up with paper proof from court and patents.  We'll see tho.
    Here is a link if anyone wants to see it..       :confused_2: :bongin: :metal:
  16. I have a pair that have the little individual toe thingies....fucking uncomfortable as hell with shoes on. But that is probably the only pair of socks I have that I'd consider collectible.
  17. One of my biggest regrets, I never got into stocks or the stock market when I could. 
  18. You might as well just call this thread "All Stoners Over 40 Unite". I have no fucking idea how stocks work, I'm in my 20s.
  19. I have been following quite a few mj related stocks and so far they have not disappointed me, I wish I had the extra cash to invest before prices go up

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