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  1. Please and thank you - (in advance)1st off..
    Need to know if anyone recognizes what is going on with my bosses few plants he just attained from an acquaintance last week... was told 5 of them are OG kush / SOUR DIESEL. Didn't look all that great from time I brought them over to him.
    And then also 2 days prior to that I had found him 2 very nice HEALTHY , but on small side- BLUE DREAMS.
    THE BD's were fine up until they spent too much time near the bigger SD's. Whatever " IT " is , is getting worse daily. Any ideas... thanx so MUCH GRASSCITY 20170726_184903.jpg 20170726_184903.jpg 20170726_184846.jpg 20170726_184846.jpg 20170726_184805.jpg 20170726_184744.jpg
  2. Light burn possibly? Were the plants kept indoors or outdoors before he received it? How large was it when he received it and what soil is it in? Is he giving it nutes? How often is he watering? What's the temp and humidity on average? The whole nine yards

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  3. Hello thanks for reply. May I p.m. you??
  4. To answer your questions here- they were outdoors. They were 2 feet about and have not really grown. Had them for 2 weeks. Mixture of soils. Given worm castings and bio live 5-4-2. 2 times.
    Watering once daily given thru hose. Dont know exact amount- Haven't been there for most of waterings. They're in about 2 gallon hard black pots STILL. YEA I KNOW. HMM. lol
  5. Oh yea I forgot. They looked unhealthy from beginning but he put them indoors all together (were b4 in outdoors). For about 5 days in closet. 3 indoor in a shed. (Under blue led lights, I think , if im rememember ingredients right. )
    I'm not familiar with indoor at ALL. So I told him put them back outdoors
  6. I'm not to sure what the problems all are you may want someone more experienced to chime in... idk those leaves just seem like they have light burn on them to me though so I was thinking maybe from being inside to going back outside full time it possibly stressed/burned her some? I'm not to sure though definitely want others to chime in figured I'd at least bump it for you though.
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  7. Could very well be potassium deficiency if you've got burn around leaf borders like that

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    Multiple soils? You could be throwing off the ph. Watering once daily, you may have over watered them. It's also looks like the soil is pretty compact, I'd start off by transplanting into a fresh stable soil. They're most likely root bound by now.
    It would help to take a picture of the whole plant. Looks like some thrip damage as as well.
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  9. Tha
    Thank you
  10. Thank you very much. I don't know what he will do next. I read all replies to him. ;)
  11. Thanks so much!
  12. Thank youu

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