Does anyone know what kind of flower this is...

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    [​IMG] I wanna get a similar flower tattooed but different colors and I can't seem to find what the hell these damn flowers are called, thanks. :wave:
  2. maybe some kind of stylized mum? they aren't naturally in that vivid a color- usually while, purples, yellow, burgundy/rust shades
  3. A beautiful one.
  4. anyone...
  5. I think that's a lotus just stylized to look a certain way.
  6. i agree it looks like some type of lotus just styled different.
  7. Well id sure like to see the flower up above

  8. after I was thinking about this the other night I was also thinking it reminded my of something I'd seen in Asian or Indian art so that may be it. Can you somehow shoe this pic to your tatoo artist?

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