Does anyone know how to make a tatoo gun?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420dave, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. Please post instructions and materials needed if you know thanks
  2. sum of my friends in middle school (bunch of friggin idiots if u ask me) used a paper clip and kinda scarred themselves with a 'tattoo'
  3. I dont know how but I have heard that in prison you can use the parts from the inside of a walkman or something like that.

  4. DON'T! Get it done by someone who knows what they r doing. Don't fuckin make your arm go septic unless you want a trip to casualty (uh wait a sec I mean the emergency room as ur american probably)!
  5. i already have a few tattoo's and they were professionally done but i want to do my own i'll probably end up buying a real tattoo gun and the ink and everything that goes w/ it but as long as you sterilize it it doesn't matter too much whether you use a professional one or a homemade one
  6. I wouldnt use a homemade gun it doesnt seem worth it
  7. sure it works fine it is the artist u need to worry bout u need an old walkman that works a regular sewing needle and indian ink just dont ask me how to make it i dont know for sure but im just telling u what ppl tell me
  8. if you got the balls you can just do it the old way. knife and india ink is it? i'm not saying it's gonna look nice, though.
  9. i have one small jail-style tattoo i done myself it's kinda like the godsmack symbol but better looking i did it with india ink and a sterilzed needle
  10. i heard about some guys in jail that made one with a dustbuster and a Bic pen... probably not the most sanitary but whatever floats your boat.

    im sure you can find some good intructions on ask jeeves or some site like that.
  11. is that a gun that fires tattoos, and u have to dodge them otherwise u get inked, and Arnie from Terminator would be there too
  12. just use permenent markers
  13. i have a homemade gun that i'll drawup plans for in a bit. i only use professional ink though;)

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