does anyone know about paterson, new jersey?

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  1. i'm from new jersey and i live about 30 min away from paterson. my girlfirends been there a lot but she doesn't tell me entirely about her past because it's kinda regretful im assuming. does anyone know how bad it actually is down there? she says once she was with someone buying bud down there and a bunch of people with baseball bats surrounded their car. i guess so they dont get ripped off, because she and the guy never got hurt, but it seems like a pretty fucked up situation to be in knowing there weren't much law enforcement down there for protection
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    Used to live there when I was younger. Moved, when I was 10-11. Lived near downtown too. I don't remember too much but my parents let me play outside with my neighbor all day till 8-9 with no supervision. It's not great but it's no Camden.

    Edit: It can get pretty bad though. I do remember seeing a "gang" fight. (not sure if real gang but it was 6 on 7 or something like that) I walked into a store like as soon as a robber ran out strapped. So, it's pretty bad but not like Compton or something.

  3. times have changed.....and even with all the lawmen....paterson is a very bad area in certain "hoods" there are alot of ruthless people out there. i spent a few years in the county there and got to know alot of people......its not somewhere you would like to just hang out...
  4. [quote name='"Project ICE"']

    times have changed.....and even with all the lawmen....paterson is a very bad area in certain "hoods" there are alot of ruthless people out there. i spent a few years in the county there and got to know alot of people......its not somewhere you would like to just hang out...[/quote]

    Wouldn't doubt it. Some parts are really bad. It's a shame.
  5. Yea ive heard that place is a shit hole. At least its not Flint though i saw a link on reddit to a house for sale in Flint for like 450, fuckin ridiculous
  6. Patterson you say? Does your girl live there or just visit there often? Because Patterson is known in the scene as one of the easiest and best spots in Jersey to cop. Better check her arms
  7. There's no good part of jersey
  8. Shit holeee. I went to rehab with a guy said it sucks there and he did lots of Dope but like the other guy said no Camden. Now thats just a hell hole
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    Yea I guess that's why they call it the garden state right?

    Trust me I'm from new jersey we have farms nature and nice quiet neighborhoods, with some very affluent areas.
  10. she's been there in the past. i know paterson is a heavy crime area. anyone know about what i stated in the original post? about my gf's experience going downtown with people on the streets just shouting "yoooooo!" (which means they're good for drugs)?
  11. Naw, don't put down Jersey. Jersey's cool. I'm in NY but I got a lot of friends over there, and yeah there are some lovely parts out in the Country. I might move out there myself 'cuase the rent's too damn high in New York City.
  12. I dont want to say too much, cuz ill catch another infraction, but if she didnt live there but was visiting there a bunch then she was going there for drugs, and not the green kind

  13. very wrong.....come to northwest bergen county.....peaceful, quiet, and gated communitys lol

    Very true point

    Its all a matter of where you go...

    old alabama projects - "yoooo" can get you a dealer that sells about anything

    the towers - "aayooooo" can get you heroin

    union ave - "whats good" can get you some decent bud

    anywhere in paterson - "whats crackin" can get you shot in the center of your face
  14. I live nearby, and Paterson is pretty shitty. All kinds of shady activity and crime.
  15. Jersey has got everything, beaches, snow, farms, cities, suburbs, forests (pine barrens anyone).

    I love jersey, I think the only reason people think its shitty is because 1. Staten Island tourists and 2. People breeze through Newark Airport and see all the factory/smelly stuff out there.
  16. its not bad there if you know how to handle yourself
  17. I know a lot of people that go to William Paterson University, and the difference between Wayne and Paterson is striking. Also all the hard drug users I know would go to Paterson to cop their drug of choice which obviously isn't the green. Paterson does have a Checkers, which I don't think exists anywhere else in the state. I'd go there to try it out but I'm too much of a pussy.
  18. hell yeah bro, checkers is the shit. although last time i went there the food was a little stale :smoke:

    but it makes me feel uncomfortable just being there. last time i was at a tobacco depot to get hookah coals and some bitch came up to my friends car and just started knocking on the window and shit. lot of black people just sitting on the streets too, barely any white people where i went. i go to william paterson university
  19. I live in Wayne haha Paterson's fine til around 9-10 PM.

    Btw I live literally right down the street from Willie P. I delivered a sub sandwich the other day to the section of campus on Valley road to some professor hahaha, small world.
  20. I live maybe 10 minutes away, but am there quite a lot since I have family who lives there. People are quite friendly actually, just don't leave you're car unlocked or go walking when the sun goes down

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