does anyone here work in OH&S?

Discussion in 'General' started by K-9, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. i was looking at getting into it, i done a white card course and the trainer said the course is easy if you stick to it and its good money.
  2. You probably should of explained what OH&S is, I'm sure I'm not the only one in here who has no idea what you're talking about.
  3. My bad, Occupational workplace Health and Safety. The people that go to businesses and tell em what's wrong and what's hazardous aroun the place
  4. osha?

    i knew a few older dudes who did it.. seems very thorough, imo. but if you are good at paying attention to detail, and shit like that, look into it more :wave:
  5. Well I'm in Australia so that might be the same thing. This teacher said though that you get 500 a day, I could do with 500 a day lol and you don't have to bust your ass liftin shit or work in the sun
  6. Oh then yeah its probably the exact same thing then lol.. Yeah if im not mistaken its just learning the ins and outs of all the inspection routines etc, then being as detailed and thorough as possible.. because if you guys approve something, someone gets hurt on it because of a part someone overlooked, its the OH&S on the line. But really, i think it sounds like a good career to get into.. unless there are some hidden things that no one mentions that make the job absolute shit lmao. never heard of hiring for it around here, or training so thats about all i could give you advice wise lol :wave:
  7. Yeah I never seen jobs for it either, but I suppose you would if you were learning it. But seems pretty cool
  8. If you have no morals or ethics go for it. Just know that you are doing your bit to kill off industry

    I have to fill out a damn JSA (job safety analysis) form outlining the potential hazards and risks involved, and the severity and likelihood of those risks occuring, and what I can do to address those potential risks just to scratch my own balls.

    Hazard: "Could cause small abrasion/cut to scrotum if one of my fingernails is sharp. Likelihood of occuring: 2, severity of risk: 1. Measures taken to prevent this hazard from occuring: ensure fingernails are neatly trimmed and smooth with no sharp edges before scratching balls. Only scratch balls in the vicinity of first aid kit.

    And we wonder why companies are just giving up and moving production to China
  9. oh, thats because chinese dont give a fuck about the livliehood and health of the workers making their products..

    what the world needs to do, is eliminate this little green middle man everyone stresses over.. its fucking paper.. thats it. trade 3 fucking ford trucks for a house if you have too. maybe 300lbs of rice of a 250lb cow i dont fucking know.. we are retarded though right now, thats for sure :laughing:

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