Does anyone here use a straight razor for shaving?

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  1. I have very thick and tough facial hair and I have used several different shaving creams and razors. Not matter what I can get a reasonably close shave but it still comes out feeling rough and a bit patchy. I also go through a lot a razors because of how tough it is. As a result I have consider straight razor shaving but I do not know too much about it. I think before I made any decision regarding the purchase of a kit I would go to a barber and see how I like it first.

    Anyone here do happen to using this method?
  2. Don't think I have the balls for that.

    I also have very thick beard hair, one slip and bam! Slit jugular.
  3. Honestly I would rather slit my throat on accident than deal with this safety razor bullshit anymore haha. I like to stay clean shaven but I cannot shave more than 4 times a week because I just go through razors so fast and that gets expensive quickly.
  4. ive been thinking of getting one ... when i get the extra cash .. its such a fresh smooth feeling.... and its very clint eastwood like some old school badass cowboy western shit ....
  5. Good to hear I am excited to get a professional one done. The Clint Eastwood part is more of a bonus for me I just need a closer shave and more comfortable shave haha. I am hoping I can find someone on GC that already has or does straight razor shave.
  6. I would much rather go to a groomer for a strait razor shave. That way if they mess up you can get something in return. They have insurance for that kind of thing.

  7. Just not practical for me the nearest barber is 20 minutes and my hair grows back quickly. Plus it is about $15-20 for a shave and I am a college student haha. I intend to be very careful if I decide to do it and I am ok if I get a few nicks.
  8. Not since 1918
  9. i use a double edge, straight razors needed too much concentration and patience for me
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    get a basic kit, get the safety razor before trying a straight.

    kits - Shaving Kits - The Art of Shaving | Buy Your High End Shaving Kit

    razor i recommend

    The Art of Shaving - Adjustable Blade Safety Razor - Find Safety Razors Online

    its an expensive style, but i promise you, once you go straight razor (safety or not) you will never go back to walmart razors.

    yes expensive but it will last you a very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time, especially if you take care of it

    if you can, find a 'The Art of Shaving' store near you, I am pretty sure they all have a barber spa, make an appointment and get a shave done to try it out, seriously

    here are the prices

    well well well worth it

    find a store
  11. I love my old school safety razor. I had the same issue you did until I bought mine. Much better shave and blades are super cheap if you but them in bulk. Mine is basically a knock off of the one Thunder recommened from a barbor store but it works great.
  12. I use one, I get a damn close shave with it. Just gotta be careful!
  13. Thank you all for your advice especially Thunder Struck for his recommendations and links! :)
  14. same here....screw that
  15. Heh, youd have more chance to cut your carotid artery than anything else.

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