Does anyone here think cigs are nasty?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bamboobam, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Can't stand the taste of them. Even for the brief time I did smoke ciggs I didn't like the taste. 

  2. I smoke cigarettes when I'm stressed now. I like smoking them because it allows me to have that meditative 5 minutes but tbh they're really fucking gross and irritate my throat. I've been a casual smoker for 4 years and even that has worn on me. I'm gonna try to stop when I get out of college.
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    I used to love the taste of my marlboro 27's.. smoked like 1.5-2 packs a day... I quit now for almost one year and I cant stand the smell of any cigs i feel bad for smoking around people all those years
  4. I wonder why and how people get hooked to them. I love the taste and smell of weed b/c there are various tastes imo. I would love to smell weed smoke over cig smoke anyday!
    I only loved the taste because I was so addicted.. I got hooked because I was a dumass kid who thought I was cool for smoking and it made me lightheaded (not gonna lie).. I cant think of any reason for a sane adult to start smoking.
  6. Wow, that's crazy huh. So more than likely, young people get more addicted to cigs than anyone.. 
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    cigs have caused serious detriment to my weed smoking as well.. I used to rip bongloads all days, now, even a year after quitting cancer sticks, my lungs are delicate as fuck, I cant smoke bongs or blunts which used to be my favorites.. all I smoke out of is a little glass pipe and sometimes even that gets me choking for no reason, I used to have very very mild asthma and now I use an inhaler everyday..
    Edit: I'm only 25 too! started smoking at like 16...
    I am optimistic the longer I have to heal the better my lungs will feel though  :D
  8. i smoked them for a little but they're gross and made my lungs feel nasty so i stopped except for the occasional drunk one. but i don't go around cig shaming, thats annoying.

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  9. Yea basically.. that makes sense. don't smoke as often so they can get better faster.
  10. Yes. I used to smoke them, but I quit years ago. 
    The girl I'm talking to right now is a heavy cigarette smoker and every time we kiss it's like I'm licking an ashtray. I like her though so it doesn't turn me off completely.
  11. You guys r crazy cigs are awesome.Brb gonna go smoke 2 at the same time.
  12. Fuck cigarettes, they aren't even real tobacco, they're filled with paper strips sprayed with shit nicotine juice.  If i want to smoke tobacco I'm going with a nice cigar or high quality rolling tobacco.  They taste like ass and they smell worse to people standing near.  
  13. Quit smoking and started vaping. Haven't had a cigarette since April of 2013 Everything better with a bag of weed.
  14. i hate cigs. i just quit yesterday! after 8 years of smoking them. cold turkey from a pack a day.
    wish me luck!
  15. Stay strong!
  16. I think cigarettes are nasty yet I still smoke maybe 3 a day, I can quit anytime though so I'm not too bothered.
  17. i have only smoked a handful of times. mostly when i was drunk at a party in high school. those days were long long ago though. 8-10 years ago.
  18. I think there nasty but i always need one after a good herb smoke  :smoking:

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