Does anyone here think cigs are nasty?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bamboobam, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. I only smoke weed and tried smoking cigs a few times, but never got into it. Thank God since they are cancer sticks with a bunch of chemicals that can kill. I would cough heavily even though I would rarely cough with weed (unless it's some good and potent stuff). I've seen people chain smoke like 3 cigs in less than 15 min. and I wonder how in the hell they smoke so much...

  2. Tobacco is gross, I have smoked before but it ridiculous. Like I was smoking and then I was like... "ok... so.. where does this end? What happens now? Ok so smoke comes out.... tastes like shit, leaves a bad smell.. so unhealthy..." It's not like when I smoke weed, I hold the smoke inside and taste the thing and enjoy it to the fullest regardless to how it tastes I always feel like it's a new variety of flavour.... 
    Tobacco is a big no no for me.
  3. I used to smoke a lot of cigs couple years ago, but now I hate the smell of the smoke and makes me feel nauseous if I'm next to someone smokingSent from my Nexus 4 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. I used to smoke but quit because of the cancer risks. It smells and tastes bad and just make me feel horrible. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. its easier to control with organic tobacco without any additives and chemicals. the government mandates some crazy substances to use in growing commercial tobacco like lead 220 and radium 410, plus the dozens of additives companies use to keep people addicted. i still think its kinda gross because of the smell and how it messes with you a little, but American Spirits have some good organic kinds that have higher nicotine levels and don't use cancer-causing free radicals or any additives.
  6. Used to smoke em, but after smoking a pack in 3 hours at my buddies that made me realize, woah, this is to much. Havent smoke one in 2 months. I smoked one with my buddy the other day...its nasty.Kottonmouth Kings
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    Yea, I literally saw people chain smoking at a party and my nose actually started to burn from the smoke. I said "Oh hell naw!  :eek: " Then, I stepped outside.
  8. Never smoked a cig but I've dipped on and off for a while and both are disgusting habitsSent from my XT1080 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. cigs. more addictive than heroin .
    Yes it's a nasty habit but once your hooked your hooked. i'd say after the 7 yr mark your pretty much fkd.
  10. week ago, I was getting a ride home from a friend, 4 people in the car, I was the only non-smoker in the car.

    Windows were up.

    Before we even pulled out of his parking space, all three of them had lit up. And I was dying. so I put my window down (keep in mind it was like 30F outside.

    Dude behind me noticed like 5 minutes later I put my window down, asked why, Instead of being a dick I just said I needed some fresh air.

    But yea fuck cigarettes
  11. Dude, if you told me that you hate the smell of cigs, i would of straight thrown it out. No questions asked.
  12. Yeah, like half the forum probably. And I'll be damned if they'll let you forget it :laughing:
    Haven't had a cig since like Friday before last. Quitting is easy, not wandering back is a little more tricky. I've mostly relied mostly on forms of nicotine other than cigarettes the past couple years.
  13. It wasnt the smell (I dont care for the smell though) it was the fact that the car was almost instantly hotboxed with cigarette smoke and I couldnt breathe lol
  14. How dare you contradict the corporations! Cigarettes are beautiful things, they bring joy to people's lives. There is no scientific evidence that shows any harmful effects of cigarettes! Don't cross those in charge of this oligarchy you call a democracy.
  15. WIsh I had a cig right now. Being broke sucks.
  16. I stopped smoking August 2013 after eleven years of butchering my lungs/wallet and I gotta tell ya friend I'm never looking back. Fuck cigarettes.
  17. I started smoking a week ago .. But yeah cigs are shit for your health and if you don't smoke the smell is pukable.(I can't smoke weed until March or even maybe June and smoking is my stress reliever so yeah ..)Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  18. Smoking cigarettes is one of the most selfish acts a person can do. even regular smokers dont like the smell of second hand smoke.
  19. Probably best to smoke some kind of herbal cigarettes or shisha sticks if you don't want to get hooked.
  20. I tend to smoke while very drunk..... but i would like smoke a whole pack within a few hours

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