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Does anyone here not toke daily?

Discussion in 'General' started by NutsLikeKngKong, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Was just wondering about this. Seems a lot of people I know tend to move towards habitual smoking. Does anyone here only blaze on weekends or something?
  2. about 4 times a week
  3. I dont have the self control. Go through like 1.5 bowl a day.
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    I smoke daily, sometimes take breaks of a day or two though if I'm busy.

    I think most people that don't smoke daily are either new to smoking or just don't have the time or money for it. Otherwise I don't see any reason not to :confused:
  5. When I have weed I'm high the whole time smoking every time I feel like I'm coming down. That's a problem because I don't buy a lot of weed so I'm sober for weeks straight
  6. Not smoking until I'm legally able to do it. Definitely not worth fucking up my life for a mild high.
  7. What about an extreme high?
  8. I dont really stick to a certain pattern. Lately Ive been super sporadic. Ill go a week or two not smoking then back to smoking. Never really go too many days in a row blazed. I only smoke a few times a day max. If I know I have school work and shit coming up Ill stay sober to keep up with everything. And I actually love being sober after a few days when your head is all clear again.
  9. Recently I only have been smoking on the weekends, but thats because Im trying to get in great shape for the summer.
  10. Right now I am only smoking a couple of times a week. Just recently got a new job after being unemployed for three weeks, and I'm mostly just focusing on making the best of my job for now. I have a good chance to move up in the company so I'm trying to get a level head throughout the next bit. Trying to excell in life now, so when I am a old fart I can lay around smoking all day getting fat without any possible negative impact.
  11. I smoke daily when I'm in NY.
  12. I blaze once or twice every two weeks. Never gotta worry about tolerance.
  13. a lot of people don't because of income, dealer problems, discipline, health, etc.

    i smoke rarely, and when i do, i use it as a tool. if i get high too often, i doesn't take long before i'm too used to it

  14. That's the way to be haha. I've tried everything; smoking every day for months, smoking only on weekends, rationing my shit to last till next pickup, but now i'll just pick up a twin or a hq and smoke it in like 3 or 4 days, then I get a wicked t break where my head is clear for weeks and I get so much done. I'll smoke with my friends once or twice a week and go cruising, but other than that I'm sober and I love it
  15. I don't smoke at all
  16. Lately I've smoked every day or twice a day. Today I'll only smoke (vape) once. Yesterday we smoked 6 bowls between 4 people, and a couple bowls with a friend. I'm not always able to smoke, but if I have weed and I'm at college I'll be chiefing if possible.
  17. Damn I couldn't go weeks without blazing. Although, I do agree with loving the whole clear headed thing. But I haven't felt that in a long time. :smoke:

    Me? I smoke like 7 times a day. As soon as I wake up and as right before I go to sleep.
  18. I usually smoke between 3 and 5 times a day, so fuck no lol.
  19. Lately its just been once at night, trying to not spend money on it. If I help someone out and find some for them they usually toss me a bud, if not no big deal.
  20. Sometimes I go a day or two and not even realized I haven't smoked. Sometimes I smoke several times a day, but I don't smoke much per session. Usually just a few rips off the one hitter(bored and stroked) a few times a day. All depends what's going on and if there is business to take care of.

    I wake up stoned and go to sleep stoned on Sundays. Cant believe how much more weed it takes to get stoned on Monday after work.

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