does anyone have this picture?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferris2000, May 25, 2006.

  1. I'm looking for this picture of these 5 guys all in a club that look identical. They all have blonde hair spiked up all over and tan skin and popped collars and look like total faggots. If anyone has this picture please post it in this thread, +rep to whoever finds it.
  2. Hahaha I remember that pic. Man those guys are soooo lame.

    Sorry, don't have it though :(
  3. damn green lantern, beat me to it!
  4. i kill guidos for fun (if theyre any gelheads this site, im obviously not talking to you cuz you are cool stoners). but seriously. 99% of guidos suck ass. and they always bitch out of fights they start.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAAHA YESSS!!!! +rep to you greenlantern.... OMG im high as shit and laughin my ASS off man thnx so much lol
  6. lol... i don't find it that funny, just makes me kinda sad that i have to live in the same country as people like that haha.
  7. ill never drink a heinekin again
  8. those kinds of guidos are gay because most of them swear to have mob ties when they dont and walk around acting tough like they cant get their shit kicked in
  9. wtf is wrong with his face

  10. He fell in a vat of sulfuric acid at age 10.
  11. dont be so nice:smoking:
  12. Now that the original reason for opening this thread is over and done with, i say we cast this thread into the depths of hell where it belongs.
  13. Lol, Im Gino the Ginny! Smell my armpits! I smell like garlic!
  14. see that girl over there -----------> she wants my susige

    whos spinnin tonight DJ go fuck yourself

    if im not VIP im outa here

    my names on the VIP list...Go fuck yourself...Thats me

    I think i see jesus

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