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Does Anyone Have Experience With A Pen Vape?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Blackmamba17, May 21, 2013.

  1. Im looking into getting a G-pen or Cloud vaporizer. Do any of you guys have experience with those? I've heard they break pretty easy but i like the idea of being able to smoke wherever and it being portable. Also do they smell like if you were just to smoke a bowl? Alsoo do they get you pretty high and their made only for wax and hash right? thanks

  2. Had a cloud, loved it. Well I still have it but I decided to buy the atmos raw too.  I went through 2 cloud heating chambers in 2 weeks.  Not the most durable, but for 65$ it's worth it.
  3. How is the atmos raw? Is it better than the cloud and where did you buy the atmos raw?
  4. I would love to know of a pen that gets big hits and doesn't taste like metal(soldering causes this so I've read.) I had a vapor cone elite and it tasted like a straight up welding shop and the hits were puny.
    I've been getting into oil lately and that's the biggest downside I've ran into......taking my bubbler oil rig isn't too portable and I like to smoke on the go. So, I'm stickin' to my dug-out on the go.
  5. I had a regular G Pen not the micro, trimmed the wick and it lasted me a little under a month. It was dope while it lasted but it broke quick. Thinking of getting a micro g pen kit since it comes with 2. My buddy sells them for 65
  6. ATMOS RAW and G-Pen combust herbs
  7. i bought 2 perfection pen eclips, they are the same model as a micro g pen or cloud vape. they are only used to smoke wax and no it dosent smell like weed you can hit it basically anywhere. the atomizer gets worn out by use and youre spouse to replace it every 400-500 hits ( about a month) they cost 10 bucks each. bought 2 for 75 and sold one to my homie

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