Does anyone ever get this?

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  1. Since I was a child I have experienced this tingling feeling in the back of my head at random moments, usually when talking to a certain person, watching someone draw, watching someone unpack something or getting my hair cut.

    Its really hard to explain the feeling but it is really pleasurable, intense and in no way sexual. I never really gave it much thought and never said to anyone because they would think i was just weird but I Googled it last night and found this page and a lot of people have experienced this but there doesn't seem to be an explanation as to why this happens.

    When I watch people I get a tingly sensation in my head?!? | Is It Normal? |

    I was just wondering do any of you get this or got it in the past?

    (This thread might seem weird to some people who haven't felt this feeling because its so hard to explain)
  2. Yes, only when awesome things happen though. You can make it happen on command if you train your mind.

  3. I was trying to trigger it by watching youtube videos but no luck..some people seem to be able to get it from watching videos.
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    Try one or both of these, the trick is to get into it.
    [ame=]YouTube - supercell (ryo feat Hatsune Miku) Melt[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Massive Attack - Teardrop[/ame]

    Also, I believe the term you are looking for is "chills".
  5. yea i get it when i go thru a cross walk and theres a car waiting to go, its weird lol
  6. When I was a kid, I used to take things apart. I liked that.

  7. lmao thats random.
  8. When I was about 12, me and my friend used to watch each other draw, just to get that feeling. Now were both stoners, go figure.
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  10. Listening to music with headphones triggers that. Most of the time i'm stoned
  11. i dunmo what the fuk u talkin bout samuel
  12. have ppl write a sentence on your back, or have girls ever so lightly drag their fingernails up and down your spine. Also massages, haircuts, and blowjobs tend to do it for me. only the truly epic shit :D.

    Oh and public speaking. Not stage fright, but I feel like its our bodies way of saying "Aight muthafucka, wake up. Its game time!" and im pretty sure its chemicals or something going into your bloodstream to make u more alert. Like...its one of our bodies survival techniques im pretty sure.
  13. I FUCKING LOVE THIS FEELING! I used to get it all the time when I was a kid but now it only happens during those special times. I think I burnt out the receptors.
  14. Last time I got that weird feeling was in 8th grade some girl was digging dirt out of the sole of my shoes with a pencil.
  15. I think I know what your talking about but it hits my whole body very briefly. It only happens whem I'm really interested and somebody is demonstrating how somehting works
  16. I get this too! Mostly when Im stoned though, its like a brain massage. It feels gooood. :smoke:
  17. I dont think this guy is talking about just regular chills. Like one would get after watching a great movie.

    I think its more deeper than that. I have never had that feeling, but it sounds interesting.

    But want I do get it everytime I get a haircut, and when that buzzer gets really close to my ear. Is my but cheek kinda gets a tinglely feeling. Its weird and always make me laugh because it tickles me, and I look like a doofis, giggling trying to hold in a laugh, in the middle of a haircut.
  18. its happened to me in that same way lol crazy shit

  19. Its not just chills, its a lot more intense than that.

    Found a Facebook group about it, its actually called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)

    ASMR - AKA 'head orgasms', 'head tingles', 'AIHO' (attention-induced head orgasm, referring to type B ASMR triggers), 'AIE' (attention-induced euphoria):

    ASMR has been coined to describe a category of primarily undocumented sensory events occurring in an indetermined subset of the population. A brief description of ASMR would be a pleasant, often intense tingling sensation that begins in the head and travels down the body to varying extents. It is often accompanied by a euphoric feeling, and can overwhelm the experiencer of a particularly strong ASMR event. Some ASMR experiencers are triggered from an uncontrolled external stimulus; other experiencers can control an ASMR event through conscious thought triggers.

    According to experiencers, ASMR is distinctly non-sexual in nature, and is not generally accompanied by typical piloerection (goosebump) reactions on the skin (though it may occur in some). ASMR is *not* related to the discomfort associated with medical conditions of the brain, and is not intended as an alternative consideration for those experiencing negative physical symptoms. If you have ASMR or other similar reactions, you are recommended to seek the advice of a medial doctor over any conclusions drawn within this social group.

    No findings or presentations are intended as scientifically sound or backed by any authority. The contents of this group are only presented as a collection of experiences, for social purposes solely.

    Welkom op Facebook
  20. yeah I use to get that aswell as a kid not so much anymore I guess during special times and thats a rarity.

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