Does anyone else?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jitros067, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Run suicidal thoughts in their head like a play by play? Like usually when I'm standing on the sidewalk, waiting for the green light for pedestrians to turn on, I usually imagine myself just walking in front of an oncoming car. Anyone else have these kinds of scenarios running through your mind on a daily basis?
  2. Damn i thought i was the only one hah. But yeah i do that too, I also get vertigo im pretty sure stuff like this link together
  3. ya i get that, like when im standing near i high ledge or on a high balcony i see myself just walking off it, but i would never kill myself.
  4. When I get embarrassed I imagine a shooting myself and say "okay I think I'm gonna go kill myself now"

    But that's only when I'm alone lol I don't really wanna kill myself. It's kinda involuntary idunno
  5. I think watching too many movies has brain washed us and now we can even see ourselves dying before we even do it that's if we go through with it though Ofcourse
  6. I guess I'm the weirdo...

    Ive never done this or even heard of it!
  7. Does this go both ways for anyone? Vivid homicidal thoughts to go with the suicidal ones? Its not that the desire to act them out is there, but I do think some crazy shit. I guess its just an active imagination. Maybe to much sugar and TV before bed.

    now I sound crazy, least Im not all alone.. I hope
  8. i thought ofit sometimes but its not a common thing lol
  9. I do also run different scenarios where I have like a knife or some sort of lethal weapon and kill whoever's around me. But don't worry, I can control my thoughts...

    for now....
  10. Every once in awhile. Or like I'm standing on a high mountain and I just imagine "what if I just jumped off this spread eagle to my face?" I'm not suicidal at all, but it's just some weird shit I do. Aha

  11. Nah man, im with you on this one.

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