Does anyone else not give a F**** about the Super Bowl?

Discussion in 'General' started by AlphaOmega420, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Sometimes it feels like im the only american blade who won't be watching much, if at all, of the Super Bowl.
    Is it just me? :wacko:

  2. The commercials are the best part.
    However I have learned to dread the super bowl ever since I started working at a pizza restaurant. This will be my 3rd one and it is fucking crazy. People order pizza left and right even with a wait that is an hour to an hour and a half.
  3. No matter if it's a super bowl I still think football is too boring.
  4. yea man, im more into bball among other sports...not shitting on ffootiefootball or futbol....just not my thing(s).
  5. I dont really care but I think it's pretty cool that the two states that legalized weed are getting together for a "super bowl".
  6. I could care less to be completely honest. I'll probably end up watching it though.But I am not into football as much as I once was. Just grown out of it I guess I prefer other sports if any at all. I really don't enjoy it enough to even go as far as saying I like football at all.Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  7. I'm from Australia
    So my point is invalid
  8. Also from Australia. But still doesn't negate the fact that I am fucking over hearing about it on every newsfeed or site I go to. It's a ball. You throw it around and chase it. Don't get it at all! 
  9. I had to do an assignment in one of my marketing classes based on the Super Bowl commercials. That is all that is important about the Super Bowl. The money.
  10. the game stops and starts too much to hold my attention. thus i deem it boring.
  11. im a soccer player so idrc but im going over to my gitlfriends aunts house for the food lol. after a fat super bong bowl haha toke on friends!
  12. I don't really care about it but I've been guessing the winner right so it's nice to see if I'm right again.
  13. I would watch it live, but it plays in the middle of the night where I am at, ugh.
    Kinda always liked the super bowl with a super bowl of good green.
  14. I dont watch it, i dont care much for it
  15. I don't give a fuck but I do give a fuck that the NFL doesn't pay taxes, that is some bullshit.
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    That's what she said. This is a public service announcement. Please report abuse and neglect whenever you see it â™©â™©"In the arms of an angel...." â™©â™©
  17. [quote name="Nerd139" post="19452078" timestamp="1391346434"]That's what she said. This is a public service announcement. Please report abuse and neglect whenever you see it ♩♩"In the arms of an angel...." ♩♩[/quote]What.?
  18. Not watching "it" Not caring much for "it". "It" being something living.
  19. [quote name="Nerd139" post="19452087" timestamp="1391346733"]Not watching "it" Not caring much for "it". "It" being something living.[/quote]Sometimes you have to outlast "it" and watch what happens to "it"
  20. I don't care but the people that do make some pretty good food  :smoke:

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