Does anyone else find it hard to sleep without smoking?

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  1. For some reason when ever i try to go to sleep without smoking it takes me 2 hours to finally fall asleep and when i do fall asleep its a shitty sleep. When i smoke i can fall asleep right away and have some really vivid dreams and when i wake up i feel great. 
    So does anyone else need to smoke some ganja before they go to bed?

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    I've been an insomniac since childhood. at one point was on prescription medications which made things WAY worse.
    prior to the meds i would always fall asleep around 2-5am.
    2-3 days - 5am
    4-6 - 9am
    7-9 - noon
    And so on.

    So every few weeks i spend half of it nocturnal, and the other half diurnal.

    With blazing before bed i can get to sleep on time if needed, and usually have very good sleeps without waking up every 20 damn minutes. but lately when blazing my mind would go into very dark places... like some sort of auto launch program on a computer. putting myself into the shoes of family and friends and watch very dark scenario's play out in my mind as to what there true colors are likely to be.      even when watching tv i find it very hard to stop :(

    However the feelings of waking up feeling great only happened when i was younger and blazed. now i just wake up dehydrated and with head fog.

    But can i get medicinal ? apparently not :( looked it up and you basically have to be dying.
  3. Not really, but on the rare occasion where I do smoke before bed, I always have some crazy ass dreams and can remember them pretty well
  4. Depends how tired I am. If I'm only half assed tired, I'm not falling asleep sober. But if I've had my ass kicked with multiple work shifts, lots of physical exercise, etc., weed or no weed, it doesn't make a difference.
    I've always been an insomniac. That's one of the reasons I like weed :smoke:

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