Does anyone else find it hard to not take advantage of girls financially

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by TheCoolest420, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. This fat girl that i used to smash called me today. Usually ill go dig her out real quick when she calls but ive decided to be faithful to my girl.

    So me and her were talking for a few minutes and she asked me to come over. I said no because i was gonna be faithful so we shouldnt talk anymore.

    She was like "no omg dont do this to me again. Ill buy you whatever you want i get paid on thursday"

    I was like :eek: "k well i gotta go ttyl"

    Lol bitches be thirsty. I kinda wanna make her take me to the mall see how much i can get her to spend lol. But at the same time i feel bad taking money from girls.
  2. hahaha all your threads are great
  3. I knew just from the title who was the author of this thread. :laughing:
  4. Cultivate what you have with your current girlfriend...idiot.
  5. Hey dont call me an idiot. I have feelings just as much as the next tro... Guy.

    And what do you mean cultivate what i have? I am cultivating it! I said no to sex. Shes fat but she can fuck.brah. And her face isnt horrible
  6. Okay douche, if you might want to consider cutting that fat whore out of your life, unless you want to die alone.
  7. I'm not a troll, I just hate guys like you and feel sorry for anyone who would date someone like you.  You aren't mature enough to be in a real relationship.
  8. Nigga umad. N im horny. Brb textin fat bitch (srs)
  9. Born alone die alone. Forever alone. Jus sayin
  10. sad
  11. Bands a make him dance.
  12. Wtf brahsephs shes ignoring me. That cunt.
  13. What goes around comes around.
  14. Get a jetski
  15. A fucking jetski
  16. poor fat girl who feels the need to pay somebody (somebody like coolest 420, no less) to have sex with her.

    somebody needs to let her know that there is hope for her.
  17. Brah i got mad dick game. I usually wear her out (serious)

    your girl would probably let me hit too.

    I got this move called the gusher. Kinda self explanatory.
  18. Does this..."gusher" come in other flavors with a variety of colors?
    If so I would like to try said gusher.
  19. Hit it raw dog then bail my nigga
  20. Tell her to spend the money on a dildo instead


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