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Does anyone else experience this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DylanBurton, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. How I Feel When Im Stoned
    After a bong hit i feel fine. within the next 2-5 minutes i begin to feel my chest get fuzzy and warm. then i start concentrating on my body and if i have people around me its like i cant concentrate and it scares me. ill be looking at a wall and look down and forget what i was doing 1 second ago and my body feels like it gets super hot. if anyone trys talking to me i cant even comprehend whats going on and i forget everything they said within a second and forget their even taking to me. this lasts for 5-30 minutes and then i start feeling better but my chest is still on fire. i start concentrating alot on my muscles and feeling them and i can feel which ones are numb. and then i feel this way for a good 20 minutes and then i usually leave my friends and just have to take my mind off the high cause i feel like im going crazy so i just play some cod and relax, then fall asleep.

  2. Yeah from time to time. Usually when i'm less comfortable about being stoned. Just gotta accept the experience. 

    I think most of those things are essentially being high but not necessarily enjoying it. 
  3. I agree with @mr man fan. Usually when I smoke in a new spot where we don't know how the cops are, or general paranoia (especially after smoking, obviously). Smoke some indica-dominant weed, which usually relaxes me (I always have both kind on me), or straight up don't think about it and just enjoy the experience :D

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