Does anyone else do this?

Discussion in 'General' started by monkeygirl07, May 14, 2011.

  1. Sometimes Ill be talking to someone and think "Wow this is all real". Like the planet and everyone on it and even myself, is real.The crazy thing is I dont go around thinking that everything is fake or in my head. I guess sometimes it just hits me that there's more to life then what is going on around me and what I can see or have seen. When I read it or say it out loud I know I sound crazy :confused::) Im really fucking weird sometimes.
  2. Dude did you ever think of the universe ending? Its not like a TV show where it restarts the next time its played, its forever and everything in it. Thats what i think about sometimes.
  3. Ummmmm......................... no. It would begin again eventually. This probably isn't the first or only or last universe.
  4. it seems real doesnt it
  5. thats surreality
  6. Or maybe it IS all fake. Just what we are expected to perceive it as. Maybe reality is one giant illusion. Maybe this is just one mass dream like inception or something....
  7. what is real

    what is fake
  8. Yea i do have those same exact When your really think about it whats reality? Are humans supposed to live the way we are( controlled and told what 2do by the government). It seems we all chase after money, spend our whole lives working for a green piece of paper at mind numbing job,it seems so meaningless. Whos to say what we are taught in school is even true. :smoke:
  9. kill government burn money fuck school
  10. How do you know? You must be one of THEM...

  11. I'm not sure exactly if this is what you are saying but sometimes when I am meditating on literally nothing, I start to have kind of an out of body experience.

    for a moment it is weird feeling when i start thinking about how "everything i am seeing is happening to me right now, and i am alive" kind of a feeling.

    where i start feeling like im a person looking through a looking glass rather than just letting my emotions look through my eyes, sort of a situation.

    it is a pretty awesome feeling, gives me a better respect for my body - like a vessel i need to take care of better or something..

  12. He's got a point tho, man.
  13. Yeah, I Know. I was serious

    lets remove government, burn all the money, and change the school system

    we can do it if we want to
  14. Yeah I guess its like my mind is questioning what is "real" or "fake" to me. I'm always questioning shit.

  15. Oh.

    Well in that case I agree completely.
  16. i think about all this stuff on a daily basis...i'm crazy...i see it as a gift though :D

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