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Does anyone else do this?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedzilla420, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. I was hotboxing my car this afternoon, and my god, there was so much smoke inside. Anyway, I was stoned as hell and found that the trails of smoke that burn from the blunt are facinating to stare at. They constantly change shape and they're so whispy and creamy looking. If anyone else has interesting or unique things they like to do while high (not watching tv, movies, or playing video games) please post...
  2. if u ever watch a cig the smoke moves toward the filter then moves back in a "z" shape.
  3. stare at a wall and think.

    Be hungry, and since i have no money stay hungry.

    slap my friend and run

    lick odd objects to see how they taste.
  4. Man I always open the sunroof on my car after I'm done smoking. It's always bitchin to look at my work after I'm done with a session.
  5. i like to lick the inside of my mouth and move my tounge back and forth behind my teeth. it just feels intense. i don't know, man.
  6. everytime i hotbox a car,boat, room, i always open a small opening to let smoke out and watch it slowly billow out. its fun.
  7. i was looking at a blunt burn... and then the smoke went in my eye!!! hahaahha good fucking times... but yea
  8. techno music , and dancing to it...ehhh.. fun
  9. ^^ lol i know how it feels to get smoke in one's eyeball. which is why i hate small joints/roaches
  10. this may sound weird,
    but i was in my boys room listenin to music and the lights were off with some black lights n shit, and i closed my eyes like so they're just barely cracked, and i moved my eyes in circles real fast and it tripped my head out so bad, and it felt good as shit....just me
  11. dude i always look for stuff like that. I love listenin to music and just htinking about weird shit like that and just lookin at crazy stuff and just think and stare. Or i like to be outside in the woods

  12. Hell yea i love to do that, great chimney effect.
  13. most of the time when im blazed as shit i like to sit down on a big comfy couch and either talk politics or religion with friends some how it always relates to pot lol
  14. listening to music really loud trips me out. listening to songs with alot of symbols is the best. cypress hill and korn r my personal favs when high.
  15. i love radiohead high
  16. listen to phish and burn incense under a lamp, its cool as hell to watch the smoke rise through the top of a lampshade
  17. I like music when Im stoned, not unique though.
  18. everyone needs to try this. ok when very blazed stare into a flashlight or lighter for a few seconds then close your eyes and push on your eyes lightly and think about somethin. for me i see the object im thinkin about clear as day. lol goos times

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