does anybody know how to trace someone with their cell phone number

Discussion in 'General' started by light green, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. okay, this fucking dude crossed me. and now he owes me a couple lb's of headies. i won't go into the specifics, but lets just say this wasn't me being careless. he's hiding out from me and i can't find him.

    does anybody know the way for me to hunt this fucking cocksucker down?

    i know his cell phone number.
  2. google "reverse phone number search"

    if he doesnt have it blocked it will show his name and address

    good luck! :)
  3. This isn't TV. Unless you have that old school boost mobile "where you're at" shit I doubt it's goin to be any help.

  4. Thats only for home phones.

    He's talking about a way to Ping cellphone signals to trace them im pretty sure.

    Which is illegal and impossible unless you have access to the system.

  5. Nah, I tried this on my cell number and it worked perfectly- showed the account holder's name and address.

    I was trying to figure out how to find out a blocked number that was calling me every fucking day and making creepy sexual noises and I stumbled upon this website that does reverse searches.
  6. yeah he is hiding from me. i want to find out where he is exactly. and i don't give a fuck if it's illegal, he owes me over 11,000 dollars from what he stole from me. but it's impossible? thanks for the buzzkill. i guess i'll just have to fucking hunt him down the old fashioned way. god damn it.

    thanks tho.
  7. can you give me that website, the only ones i found want to make me pay, and i can't pay anything since everything i fucking have got jacked from me.

  8. Mobile phone tracking
  9. you are a fucking asshole. lmao.
  10. haha that was funny it for me for like 3 seconds but then I realized it was to good to be true.
  11. so how did you let something like this happen and how the hell do you not know where someone lives that your doing tens of thousands of dollars of business with? you said you werent careless so explain because imo it seems you were careless.

    anyways goodluck, if that dude stays around with your loot i hope you find him and are able to recover most of it. everyday that passes you know hes spending more and more of it so act quickly if you intend to.
  12. Who said he doesn't know where he lives? If you owed a drug dealer 11000 would you be sittin at home?
  13. he broke into my house while i was at work, and he left his beanie on my kitchen table. that's how i know it was him. he fucked up, and now i'm trying to find him.

    and it's past the point of wanting my shit back. i want blood.

    and i do know where he lived. but when i went there before i posted this, his shit was empty. so he left, took all my shit and he's laying low somewhere. that's why i want to find him like the fucking cops do.

    and for the record i never said i was a drug dealer. and i never talked about dealing pot.
  14. yea this one guy i know owes me 20 bucks so i capped his ass. Fo show
  15. [​IMG]

    Solves problems.
  16. [​IMG]

    weapon of choice.
  17. You could just walk around town calling his phone until you hear it ring somewhere.
  18. i live in a very large city.
  19. WTF
    maybe I was trippin. Can't find it :confused_2:
    could have sworn that actually happened lol

  20. Ahahaha i hate that shit! i was talking about something today that i had thought had happened to me, but once i started to get into it, i remembered that i cant actually fly and that it was probably a damn dream:mad:

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